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January 21st - Tooth extraction

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My husband went to see an oral surgeon and they will be extracting #10 and whats left of number 11th (tooth broke off and was infected).

At this time, there has been no metion of HBO treatments. I will update his progress. I know a few people have been asking about tooth extractions.

Well. my husband will be your guinea pig. LOL Don't tell him I said that.

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are lateral incisor and canine, respectively.  They are, for most of us, enough forward from the area of heavy radiation to not require radiation.  Did you ask this question of the surgeon?

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i have now had 6 extactions post radiation. the last i had three removed at same time. 


no HBO for me, my oral surgeon doesn't believe in using them. i believe they (hbo) can stimulate any cancer sitting there hibernating.


for me doc gave me antibiotic and looked at the pot hole every couple weeks for the first three months.


prayers all goes well



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Please do keep us posted. I have 4 to come out and implants to go in and everyone is insisting on 30 HBO before and 10 after. I have had a root canal post tx with no complications at all.

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I think (don't quote me) that implants are handled a bit different.  As they will go directly into the bone.  I would ask your doctor about these issues.  HBO as far as I've heard for quite a few people has amazing healing effects for the mouth.  Good luck to everyone having dental work done....will be thinking of you all !   Katie

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