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Ct scan results

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Well, I got my ct scan results yesterday and it was a mixed result.  A recap is I started taking the new chemo Zaltrap in September to hopefully do its thing against the tumors in colon, liver and lungs. Zaltrap was a little hard for me but I prevailed! The good news with the scan is the tumors in colon and liver are the same, no growth or new ones. The bad news is the tumors in the lungs are growing. From 1 to 3mm in some nodules. Other good is there is no sign of anything in lymph or any other new spots. So the plan now is to stop Zaltrap and to try the other new chemo Regorafenip...the pill I will take for 21days straight then get a week break. I pray it controls the lungs and keeps everything else in bay.  Peace to everyone and thanks for your support.  Jeff

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Hope you get some good response from the other offering and sorry the Z did not take for you.  You are doing the 2 new ones I have not done, but would be available if I have to start back again.

Hoping you can find a soft spot to land on and catch your breath.

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I really appreciate your words of encouragement. Jeff

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Prayers that the new drug will do its job!

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Jeff, Sorry to hear about the growth in the lung mets.  However, it is great that the other mets were stable.  Thinking of you and hoping that everything starts to shrink.



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Good luck on the new med. I have a good feeling about it. At least the other areas are stable.

All the best,


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hoping very much that the R drug will continue to keep things stable or with a little luck really do a number on that dang cancer.  Stay strong~Ann Alexandria

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Hi, I'm glad to hear that most everything is stable.  Can they do RFA on the lung nodules?

Take care, and best of luck with the new drug.


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Good to hear that several things are still stable and no new growth. I hope the new drug works well and gets your lung mets under control. I had been wondering how you were doing. I know you were having a hard time some time back - I can't keep track of anything any more. Best wishes for you going forward.


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You are in my prayers each and every day.

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Hoping for the best on your new treatment.   Good everything else is stable and nothing new showing up.      

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Just having a terrible time getting on here. But, sure wanted to wish you good luck with the new "R" drug and hope it doesn't have a lot of bad side effects for you.

Take Care,



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good luck on the new drug. will pray for it to work.



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for good success!

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Well, good news was in there, now if the other drug will take care of the lungs even better.  Can they radiate the lung area??  That's what they talked about doing to mine.

Here's to hoping for less side affects!!

Winter Marie

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Wrote something earlier but it got lost.  I'm sorry that the treatment you were taking didn't help and praying that the new one does.  You are in my prayers for this new drug which I've never heard of. 


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I would overall consider this agood result. Yes, we all hope to find the drug that twill wipe out our cancers but in truth with the aggressive spread of yours before the treatment I would think that controlling it this much is greanemeses. Also good you have further options that you are moving onto- sounds like your team are positive and aggressive in their approach and that is hugely important.


Thaks for sharing your good news here and long may iT continue,



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