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Hello,guys (and gals)...I was wondering if anyone belives in the drinking of alkaline water to put cancer at bay?.....also this "Zesting"..which is grading outer layers of lemons and limes,then sprinkling it on a salad....I relize sick folks will try ANYTHING to feel better,I just dont want to spin my wheels.....I heard this at the West Los Angeles V.A................Just asking.....( O:

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I have not done it butonlybecause I haven't ordered the drops yet. I don't plan on drinking all my water alkaline, maybe just two glasses a day. I don't know if it will actually help but it can't hurt either. I also think that anything we do as survivors is just one small part of overall health. Before I got diagnosed I wasn't taking great care of my body, I had just gotten lazy. Now I'm a lot more conscious of what I'mputting in my body & the amount of exercise/sleep, etc that I am getting. That being said, if alkaline water could totally prevent cancer then my hope would be that they would be filling up everyone's glass at every oncology center in the world.

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inher last sentence.  Your blood pH is maintained at 7.4 by a variety of homeostatic mechanisms.  If you consume enough base to knock it out of kilter, you will become ill.  Small amounts of base, when  consumed, neutralize stomach acid, nothing else.  Taking a tums is an example of taking a base.  This whole series of comments about doing a little of this, or a little of that, and getting a miraculous anti-cancer effect is just wishful thinking.  Wish that it were true, but its not.


Best to you.



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