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Miracle, Mom is NED!!!!

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Hello Friends, although I don't post that often I read everyday and I follow everyone's journey, this is the place of piece and enouragament for me. For those of you who know my mom's story she had 2 head and neck cancer recurrances since her diagnosis in 2010. After the last surgery in March of 2012 she had scans done and all of them showed insreased FDG uptake on one spot in her tongue close to where her last surgery was, she had a biopsy done in May which came back negative, later in June she had another PET scan and also in September a CT scan(PET was declined in September by insurance) and both of those scans showed the same thing, there was also 1 groundglass nodule on her lung. Doctors insisted on another biopsy of her tongue but because mom had no sympthoms she decided not to do it. Now on 1/5/13 she had another PET/CT and everything is clear!!!!! I thank God since I think this is one of HIS miracles, I was worried so much and expected to get the worse news and I came out of that offise with the best news possible. So THANK YOU GOD, it is such a wonderful news.It has been 10 months since her last surgery and this is a good sign that nothing is happening, will be praying that it stayslike that forever!!!

Messages for few of you although I follow everyone:

ToBeGolden and Luv4lacrosse: I admire you for being so strong, do not give up, believe and it will happen, everyone is different.

VivianLee: I am so sorry that your husband is having such a terrible experience, Stay strong, I will pray for both of you, miracles do happen.

Karennorwood- so happy for you that you are NED!!!!!!

BarefootBob- RIP, hope you are at piece, condolences for his family.

TIM-thank you for your private message and thank you for keeping my mom on your prayers list

I hope I got those names right.

I will pray for all of you (I always do), please keep fighting and never give up, remember that GOD and positive attitude can always get you through the hardest times,I know someimes it's hard but try.

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Always great to hear NED!

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Pam M
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I'm raking in the good news tonight!  Very glad you could add to my happy pile.

Kent Cass
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I do remember your Mother, and you, and that the last I heard her fight was on-going. And now this- YES!!! This is the kinda news that we all need, and appreciate- and I ask you to give your Mom a message from me in the Quad Cities- Congratulations from all of us at the CSN. Truly.



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Oh Joanna I am so happy for you and mom.....such great news, such fresh air to hear that.....tell Mom hello and we are delighted for her and you....

Posts like yours surely help those just starting out ...of course we can't eat, live and breathe cancer, we must go on and live ...but I sure hope you will stop in now and then and make the same post regarding your moms fight ...so encouraging to many.



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NED is very good!



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I love to hear when someone has tests and find out they are NED.  What wonderful news.

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Hello !

I am so happy to hear your news !  Yes when we've been battling and getting no where life gets a bit frustrating.  But as we can all see from your post, quite a few come out the other side dubbed NED.  I try to keep everyone in my thoughts....it seems in a little less than a year here I've met quite a few new ones and continue contact with others that were ahead of me.  I'm wishing your Mother continued success and NED forever and a day !  Thanks for poppin in and sharing this wonderful news with us !   Katie

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