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Still around C hasn't got me yet

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Wanted to post & let everyone know that I am still alive and kicking. I actually have been getting along very well with hospice care being extremely helpful, and I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat. My pain medicine was changed to methadone with oxycodone used for breakthrough pain, I am also on an antibiotic as well as a nerve pain medicine, so all is well on that front. I have had many relatives visiting over past couple weeks so it keeps my spirits up and helps me maintain a positive attitude. I also wanted everyone to know that I haven't given up but my option were extremely limited. I did get second opinion from the U of Minn. with same diagnosis. I could try hyperbaric oxygen treatment to try to repair tissue around exposed bone but would have lots of difficulties with the dives, radiation would do more harm than help, and chemo. would give me at best a couple more months at the expense of being sick, worn out, & miserable around family during final months. I decided that being terminal I would rather leave on a happy note while spending my time with my family enjoying as much as possible.


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D Lewis
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You are an inspiration to me.  What you are going through is something we all hope and pray we will never have to face. You are facing this with honesty, grace and love.  I can only hope that I could do so well.  My thoughts are with you and your wonderful family and friends.  May you have many more beautiful moments with them.  <3



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Thanks for the update, it's good to hear that you are spending time with family and your spirits are good. I know you have put allot of thought and emotion into your decision and I believe I would have made the same choices. God Bless! 

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Pam M
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Glad things are going so well for you so far.  Hoping you have time to make many more happy memories.

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I was talking about odds and ends with my ENT oncologist yesterday, and the topic of terminal care came up, as it does from time to time twixt him and me.  I've had all the treatments possible.  Radical surgery, radiation twice, chemo once.  If I get a reoccurance this time, it is simply a matter of designating hospice help, and consideration of chemo or not.  The challenge for me, since I have no more options, is to  not dwell  on this.  In this, I am the same as you.  I talk to my wife from time to time about this, though she doesn't like the conversation.  Having been down the road a few times, I'd be remiss if I didn't.  My hat is off to you, Randy.  Every day offers us the chance to experience some good.  It is up to us to see that.


Best to you.



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U know,I actually knew a few people who,left hospice cause they lived TO LONG,hope that can be u Mr Vikeman,the human body is amazinging

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I don't know you, but you are an inspiration to me.   By keeping the positive attitude, you give us all a sense of C not winning no matter what the circumstances.  I salute you and admire your strength.  Keep fighting


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Tonsil Dad
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An Inspiration , being still as upbeat as you ever was despite the situation you are in.

You have truly touched each and everyone of us on here and I pray God shows his

blessings in abundance for you. God DOES do miracles seek him first and ask.


 God Bless

Tonsil Dad,



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Life can't prepare you for the words "you have cancer" and " this is the end". I salute and admire your strength and courage. I am new to all of this and not sure....... I can only hope when HE comes for me, I have dignity like you. God bless you.


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truly an amazing human being...I have such respect for you

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I would hope to be half as brave as you are.  There are no easy answers.  To choose life on your terms seems the best.  You do seem to have extraordinary clarity of mind, bordering on humorous with your “still alive and kicking” statement.  Nice to hear from you.


One of your many H&N warrior friends,



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It is so great seeing you still logging in to update your head and neck family.  We all are here praying for you.  I wish we were all closer.  It would be great to have a group hug.

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I am not good with words or getting my point across at times, but I can only repeat what has been posted above, but will give it a try....

Thru my Military time and Civilian employment, I/ we come in contact with those that are in charge. There are those that achieve rank or position and expect/ demand respect. Then there are those in positions that lead by example and earn the respect of their employees or lower ranked Military.

You Sir, Lead by Example.   Hand Salute.

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Hello Randy !

This topic is one we should all think about (not dwell on) but defineatly think on.  You sound good guy....I am so impressed your enjoying family and life.  Yes hospice is a truely wonderful hand up for everything we could ever need.    If there's anything thing I can do Randy as we are both at the U of M let me know.  Just PM me o.k. ?  I find myself truely amazed at your strenghth of charactor through out all your trials.      Katie

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Randy..... Truly eveyone here has said it best, but I am too in awe.  What a TOTAL inspiration you are.  It''s almost as if you are writing about someone else.

I'm like some others on here too....your face with "the end" is brave and blunt, but as a fellow warrior and someone who sees you as my online family...I still pray for a miracle, but also peace for your family.



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Ooops II.

Guess I am really trying to make a point :)

Blessings Randy nad Coleen.



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I'm hanging on for hope  and miracles brother....

But at least worse to worse, you doing it your way and on your terms...

Best Always ~ John

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No doubt you have inspired many on this site - definitely  me.  What a class guy!


Sending positive thoughts and good mojo your way.



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