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My mom passed away on Monday @ 6am from complications resulting from vasculitis and a staph blood infection.  She was a 30+ year breast cancer survivor. 

4 out of 5 kids were by her bedside when the ventilator slowed down and  her BP and heartrate declined.  I have to believe she knew we were there, holding her hands, stroking her hair, telling her that it was OK, time to go see Dad, and tell him we said hi.




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So sorry for your loss. 30 years ! Must have been a tough lady. Nice that her family was with her at the end.


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I love stories where family loved one another and supported one another...

It sounds like a life well lived:)

It's hard when things get down to the end and the body has just done all it can. 

Sincere condolences to you and your family during the coming days.


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I'm sorry about your mom.   We were there when my mother-in-law was removed from support last year and it was so difficult, yet peaceful at the same time.   

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Sorry for your loss and glad that you were there to send her off to see your dad.  I'm sure she is much happier now.


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Regardless of the years we have had, the passing of a loved one is always difficult.

I am glad that you were able to be with her as she went to join your dad.

Prayers for you and all who loved her.

Marie who loves kitties

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I am sorry you lost your Mom.  No matter how old we are losing Mom is tough.  I lost my Mom in Oct this year and even at my age I miss my Mother.  God Bless you and yours

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My mom died in November.  She had a long life, but it was still very sad to see her go.  Moms simply can't be replaced.  Out of our family of seven, six of us made it to be with her at the end, and I do think they know when we are there.  Hopefully it brings comfort to all involved.  Hugs~Ann

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There is nothing like the loss of our MOM... Your sounds like she mighty special...

30 yrs that is awesome.. what a role model I am sure.. my mom fought 15 yrs and I thought that was an accomplishment.. well back then it was..

I know you will be glad you were there for that moment.. I wish I had been there..

all my love to help you find peace at this difficult time, Donna


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I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom.


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You have my deepest sympathies on the passing of your Mom.  Moms are so precious and wonderful, and it pains me that you have lost yours.

I'm sure she knew that you and the other children were there with her, helping send her on her way to your Dad.  You did a beautiful thing for her, being there and letting her know it was okay to head onward.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Winter Marie

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I am so sorry about your mom passing. I am glad you were with her when she did go. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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words of comfort. 


Here is the site for her obit...she lived an extraordinary life


http://obits.dignitymemorial.com.  Joanne Kina

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I could not get to it thru the link provided so went thru legacy.com.

Here it is:

JOANNE KINA 12/24/1934-01/07/2013
Joanne Philomena Kina, concert pianist, teacher, mother and friend died January 7, 2013 after complications related to vasculitis and rheumatoid arthritis at St. Joseph's Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia.

Joanne received her training as a pianist at the Detroit Conservatory of Music from 1949-1952 and attended Wayne State University in Detroit, majoring in Piano/Theory. She had private study with Henry Lichtwardt, a pupil of Emil Sauer (composer and student of Franz Liszt) and Evelyn Gurvitch, a pupil of Robert Casadesus (renowned 20th-century French pianist and composer).

Joanne served as accompanist for many renowned singers and choral groups, including the Atlanta Renaissance Singers and the Atlanta Boy Choir, both directed by Fletcher Wolfe; the Cantata Academy of Detroit and the Capitol City Opera Company of Atlanta, Donna Angel, Artistic Director. She was also a founding member of the Grosse Pointe Chamber Music Players and for the Grosse Pointe Symphony in Michigan. She has toured the East Coast and South Eastern states. Italy, France, Belgium and England, as both accompanist and soloist, receiving critical acclaim and also played for former President Jimmy Carter at the White House.

Joanne served on the faculty of the Atlanta Boy Choir, Atlanta Music Academy and Music and Arts in Atlanta.

She is survived by her 5 children, 5 grandchildren, her brother and many friends and colleagues in the music world.

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about your Mom. praying for comfort for all of you.



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