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G tube removed. Finally!

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I am glad to report that after 5.5 months I’ve got rid of the G tube. Mine was the type with a small hemisphere (mushroom shaped) end. They pulled it, I felt a kind of quick pain similar with a strong gastric contraction and it was out (with a pop sound). It was kind of painful for the first few minutes, but mainly because of the granulation tissue that was treated with silver nitrate just prior to removal (and that stung like a bee bite). After they took it off, I was so relieved, that I forgot to ask if it was a boy or a girl (kidding).

Now I am not sure how long I would have to refrain from eating normally again (meaning including solid foods). I was told that I could eat anything after 4 hours, but from what I’ve read from internet, the meals should be smaller and mostly liquid for the first 2 days. That would be challenging for me, I have a huge appetite and lots of cravings nowadays.

What is your “real” experience with that?

P.S. I had lots of troubles posting this (“timeout”), I just hope it’s not double posting.


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Being free of that darn tube was the most normal I'd felt in a long time....congratulations!!

Ya know, they didn't give me any instructions about what to eat after they pulled mine out (must have been similar to yours from the description of the yank...POP...and hurt)....I ate normally that day...which probably wasn't that much in volume, but it sure wasn't liquid, I can tell you that!! 


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Congratulations, one small pop and the food race is on.


Like they said, you may eat.  For most H&N participants the amount is a non issue, most of us were on self imposed mental and physical restraints on food.  While I could swallow just fine the mere thought of food would cause me to spit.  So, be careful and don’t over do it.


As for how it felt to be PEGless, great!  I could sleep on my belly again.


Be food safe and food careful.



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Pam M
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Like Phrannie, the PEG removal was a wonderful milestone for me.  A few hours after the removal, I went back to business as usual, eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it.  I was "out" for the removal (got dilation at the same time as PEG removal).  Congrats, and enjoy!

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I will definitely enjoy my new PEG-less life!

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Congrats! new definition of peg-less. lol

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