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only 15 years late

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This morning I went for my first ever colonoscopy, the nurse made the comment, I was only 15 years late..really! Anyway, they had to remove lots of polps and I go back to the Dr in 2 weeks for results. For some reason, I'm not afraid or worried,I've put in all in God's hands

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I only went in because I was having problems.  I hope you're doing o.k. with all the little snips they took.  Actually it's a pretty minor procedure compared to what you've already been through !  You know some people in the medical proffession make me raise an eyebrow.  They can be goof nuts for sure....I wonder if they take the time to read our charts, and see us and what we've been though.  Probably not, assembly line testing.  I'm glad you had a baseline done.  I don't intend on going back in myself like they want me too.  Like you said it's in God's hands and he's been doing a pretty good job so far hunh ?  Sending you warm thoughts...and let us know what you hear on the testings !    Katie

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Glad you went and hopefully everything will be good to go...

LOL, I made a funny after thinking of it..."Good To Go..." ewwww.

Anyways, colon cancer is such a slow growing cancer, and if caught early has a pretty good survival rate.

The problem is so many don't ever have it done, unitl they are having problems and then it's already advanced...

Having the pulips removed isn't necessarily something to be concerned with...other than you might have to have one now every two years or so.

With me having nothing removed, I'm good for twn years.., that's how slow growing it is.

Now with scarring and acid reflux, I'm not quite as lucky..I have to have an endoscopy every two years.

Anyways, usually the wrose part of the colonoscopy is the inital 24 hour prep time.

Hoping everything turns out well, and you are in great shape.

Best ~ John


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better late than never? Laughing  I got forced into it about 10 years ago, so I'm due for another.  The whole purpose of them is to get those polyps...they biopsy them in order to get a baseline, and they can tell you to come back in 3, 5 or 10 years.  My hubby has to get one every year, as he's a high producer of polyps.  This year he had to go to Seattle to get it because he had two...one in each of the S curves of the intestine.  They used electricity and nitrogen to burn those suckers off....very high tech. 

Anyway, I'm glad you did it, and you will be glad too.....you don't have to go back for a good while!


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G4 ,

I had mine last Friday , my oncologist wrote the script months ago..I was procrastinating until she saw me a few weeks ago and said you don't want me to make that appointment for you. The worst was drinking 4 liters of that nasty stuff.

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That's one of the nice things about having a feeding tube in place.  You don't have to taste the "nasty stuff."  LOL

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