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HPV H&N on the Today Show

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Wow, the Today show just had a segment on the progress of Cancer treatment and spoke about how many cancer cure rates are going up.  Dr. Nancy though brought up the "alarming" rise in HPV Head & Neck cancer and was pushing for all children to get the vaccine.


Joe Cortney

Dallas, TX

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It's becoming more and more recgonized and talked about....

Four years ago, a lot of MD's weren't even making the connection.

Joe, just an FYI..., my son graduated from UNT a few years ago, and have a brother in law that lives in Little Elm, I believe...



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What my medical team has said to me. Where I am being treated, Barnes Jewish Medical Center, Washington Univ. School of Medicine (St. Louis) They are doing an alarming amount of clinical studies and trials related to HPV derived cancers. What is very scary about the H&N family is the increase in the number of much younger patients. My youngest son who is still in college says the amount of oral sex that takes place is alarming. They have a very cavalier opinion of it, such as oral isnt cheating, ETC.

My Docs think this is already passing up the old school H&N's (The old guy who drank and smoke)


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Pam M
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My doc did tell me that typically, people who got "my" cancer were older men who'd smoked and drank for years.  He also said that it was looking like HPV positive-linked was on the rise, and more new cases were HPV positive than negative.  This was a little over three years ago. 

For the record, though, when I was diagnosed in my mid forties, it had been about eight years since I'd smoked, and just over twenty since I'd been a heavy drinker.

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Saw a segment last night on the nightly news on CBS. It was the whole idea that cancer needs a cure just like other diseases, but a doctor stated that cancer is broken down into too many types to put a "why don't we have a cure for cancer" label on it. He did say that they have come very far with several different cancers including Leukemia. I was very impressed that they not only mentioned HPV with cervical cancer, but that they did mention H & N in there as well and that they are seeing that on the rise. I sure wish it had been discussed further.....but at least it was mentioned!!


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a whole bunch of HPV press coverage, generated from study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Conclusions The overall trends in declining cancer death rates continue. However, increases in incidence rates for some HPV-associated cancers and low vaccination coverage among adolescents underscore the need for additional prevention efforts for HPV-associated cancers, including efforts to increase vaccination coverage.

Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer, 1975–2009, Featuring the Burden and Trends in Human Papillomavirus (HPV)–Associated Cancers and HPV Vaccination Coverage Levels


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Thanks for the info...

Although I was a little surprised that H&N wasn't speifically shown on the increase, unless the are just classifying oropharynx as all H&N.


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Here's the Dr. Nancy Sniderman HPV segement.





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