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What do you think of this poster?

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A few months ago I started a Head and Neck cancer support group.

There are not many of us out here and I felt really isolated when I went through treatment.

I all but stalked Phrannie, when I found out she was local.

In any case, here is a draft poster...What do you like and what should I change?

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I think this is absolutely cool !  I wouldn't change a thing !  What a neat thing to do, I wish you much success with this.  Katie

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that just makes me smile!!!  I love it!  That was so clever using giraffes...there's SO MUCH neck on them.....LOL.


PS...You'll never know what a relief it was for me to find you on here...to have someone to talk to, who kept tabs on me....so I didn't feel so alone.  You were a life saver!


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Your poster brought a smile to my face.  Its very inviting and playful.  I love it.

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Pam M
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Wonderful idea - great of you to put forth the effort to make the group a reality.

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Stacey I totally agree, don't change a thing. Thank you for galvanizing our little band of brave battlers.

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Nice to see someone start a grassroots effort. it all starts locally.


Best of luck


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Ingrid K
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Love it. Wouldn't change a thing.

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that's funny, all the cows in California are mostly brown, no blue ones!

Love the poster.


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I'm in McCall, Idaho ....man I might just have to make a weekend trip up there (I think itw would be an 8 hour drive), but not sure.  Anyway, I have YET to meet another H&N suvivor / patient in PERSON!!!  Seriously....



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