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Port Out Tuesday Morning

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Tomorrow I bid farewell to my companion for the past 9½ months, Bard Port (aka my chemo port).  I am not sure what I think, other than excited at reaching another milestone but a little nervous about the procedure.  I am to be over to the hospital (out-patient) early tomorrow.  They have a procedure room reserved for this coming out party.

I have read of individuals who asked for their removed ports and used them to make things, like key chains.  Although I do think that is somewhat funny, it is not anything I would do.  The less, if anything, of it I see, the better.  Cool 

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Good luck tomorrow with your deporting!

Hugs, Jan

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I have actually "been there done that" but I am on my second port now and since I'm stage 4,  I guess I will never get to say goodbye to it so I definitely envy you.  I couldn't wait to get rid of my first port because it didn't work for blood draws and barely worked for chemo so I decided it was defective or something like that.  I was happy that my second port is a "(powerport)" because I thought it would work for everything but it doesn't work any better than the first one so I guess the problem must be with me???  Anyway, I am excited for you getting "deported".  I hope you do something special to commemorate the day. 




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Congrats! Glad you got to go out!

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I have never had a port so cant' relate..BUT I am sure it will be wonderful once it's removed...


ONE more step forward..



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De-ported!  I will have to say that it seems different surgeons deal with this process differently.

For any who may check this out for reference purposes -- I know that I was looking for discussion boards here as well as general info online -- I will give an overview of my port removal.

  • My de-porting was done in a procedure room at the hospital.  My surgeon had ready assistants.
  • I was given a local.  First there was a solution put on my skin to make the injections a little less painful.
  • I was given several shots around the area to numb it.  Throughout the de-porting, my surgeon asked me if I was feeling any pain -- or he could tell by my body language.  I am not one who numbs or goes under easily.  All told, I think the count was 11 doses.
  • The surgeon had the nurses lightly cover my face with towels -- probably more so I did not have to watch the procedure.
  • I knew to pay attention because the surgeon would occasionally ask me some questions PLUS he would tell me what to expect, especially when he go to the point where he would be tugging and pulling at the little contraption.  I know it took him awhile to free the port.
  • Then I got patched up, taken back to where I started.  Had a snack.  Got my vitals checked after I got dressed in my street clothes.
  • Pain meds recommended - Tylenol (500 mg/4 hours); no restrictions
  • Follow up appointment Monday at the surgeon's office.

My husband and I then went out to breakfast at Perkins, a place we often head to after a morning appointment.  I could have eaten before my procedure, but I wasn't hungry at that hour this morning.  My husband is not an early "breakfaster" either.  So, we celebrated at a favorite local restaurant.


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Megan M
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Congrats!  Glad you got to celebrate this milestone!

Hugs, MeganLaughing

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