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Nephrologist Yes or No?

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Hi Everyone,

I am sure there is a ton of info on this topic on the site but since it is extremely slow loading, I will ask.

Should I see a nephrologist? My remaining kidney is functioning fine, just think maybe establishing myself with a nephrologist might be a good idea.




Thanks and God Bless,



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After I got gour which is Kidbey related isked both my GP and Urologist for a referra; to a Nephrologist. Both said no. So I called one on my own as no referral is needed for Medicare. The big difference is the monitoring of my blood pressue. 130/90 is no longer acceptbale.Laoo of a Kidney or partially reduces your Kidney function. So does high BP. Loss of Kidbey fubction can cause heart attacks and strokes. Since your bio includes mild hypertension my answert is yes.





Loss of a

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My urologist hasn't been the happiest person to refer me to anyone, yet he's referring me to a nephrologist without me even asking. The reason he's having me go is to talk about lifestyle issues (diet, nutriion, exercise, etc.) related to how to take good care of my remaining kidney. Going in 2 weeks.


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