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Back at Markey

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Well today starts David's next round of 96 hours of continuous chemo.  They drew blood and found his hemoglobin is 7.2, which means yr has to have two pints of blood before they can start chemo so start time change from 5 to probably 11 tonight.  I am hoping this round goes better.  They want to try to do this without another PICC line, but they aren't sure it will be possible.  If he needs more blood or platelets they may have to try again.

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Wow, what a marathon David will be running! I know both of you would like to be able to pass it by. I am "complaining" about my 6-hour chemo session in the near future. I guess this proves everything is relative. I know that our whole group feels for David; and I also know our whole group knows for certain that the treatment is harder for the caregiver. I know that my treatment(s) are harder on my wife than they are on me. Vivian, you are an inspiration; and David is no slouch either. Rick.

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Prayers for you and David...


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I hope this round of treatment goes easier on his boby than the last one.  Hopefully he won't get as sick and won't have some of the side effects with excessive bleeding from the 2nd PICC line; since it sounds like they are going to try giving him the treatment without the 2nd PICC. 

Keeping you both in our prayers and praying that David will be able to return home again by the end of this week. 


Diane and Doug Ditto - TheOtherDitto and Ditto1

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that this time David's chemo will be easier for him...Having had some time at home hopefully raised his spirits, also....you two continually amaze me with your strength.


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when I did my normal chemo treatment back in old days of 1996  I said two chemos at same time for 120 hours (5 days)    series of three every three weeks   

prayers all goes well  this round

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Hi Vivian,


Good luck on the chemo and the continued treatment.


Your never give up warrior,



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You are in my thoughts and prayers


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Viv, I know how frustrating delays in treatment are, but better David be in the best condition to do his 96 hr treatment, so if that takes extra time, I'm sure in the longrun it will pay off well.



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Thoughts and prayers coming your way. 

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I have you both in my prayers

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Hey Vivian,

I read your caring bridge today, sounds like David is in great spirits today and is feeling well too. I am so pleased. I look forward to another positive posting soon :)


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i read your caring bridge today too, also glad to hear you  had a good day. 

Just wanted you to know that you and David are always in my prayers. look how far you've come since the last treatment, you both are such strong people, and good examples for us all.


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