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BarefootBob Robert RIP

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Its with a sad heart that I just read on Caring Bridge that we lost Robert this morning.  Our prayers go out to his family at this sad time in their life.  He was blessed to have them and visa versa.  Losing one of our own hurts and for the CSN family we want you all to know you are in our prayers and may God continue to carry you.  Doug and Diane

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I read this as well as David was preparing for his chemo.  My heart goes out to Danielle and the family.

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"Barefoot Bob" such sadness, but yet, a certain happiness that you are no longer fighting this monster. Surly, Bob is walking on the golden shores. Sympathy to His family and friends

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they are all so young....I went back the other day and read all his posts here....he was a total sweetie.  Remember how he'd sign them "Love Bob"... that made me smile.  RIP Rob, I'm glad you aren't suffering any longer.


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Saddened by the news. My heart breaks.

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I had some fun conversations with Rob, he was a very positive soul I will miss deeply.


Much love,



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Oh my God, so sad. I didn't really know him from this site but I do remember when I fist joined reading his posts about his struggle and also his funny profile pic always made me smile. Just kills me to know he is gone. God bless him and his dear family and all who loved him.


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One of the very hard things about being on here so long...

The longer you are on this forum, the tougher it gets to lose another warrior. Thank god they are few and far between, but it never lessens the pain.

Each warrior we lose chips a piece from you, from your heart.

Rest in peace Bob, may you never feel pain again...

Thoughts and prayers to the family of survivors we are.


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In a short while sharing our lives in such a personal way....makes us feel like family.  My prayers and condolences are sent with a heavy heart to your family BarefootBob.  May you rest in peace.   Katie

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It takes a piece with you. But knowing each fellow traveller adds a piece.

Comfort and prayers to the family


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D Lewis
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I am saddened to learn of Bob's passing, but I am greatly comforted by all the folks traveling this road with me.  My condolences to his sweet family.


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Ingrid K
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So damn sad.  I had spoken to Bob a few times last summer as he was also in Illinois, and he was always always talking about his family. He had a great attitude and I was sure he was going to be one of the good endings.  He seemed to go downhill so quickly, I am glad he is no longer in pain.

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Your boys Noah and Joseph will grow up to know how hard you fought and how strong you were.  Your family is in my prayers. 

There is no comfort in words at this time, but we know death absolutely does not remove the love of a father towards his sons or sons their father.  You were their world.

Your wife could have done no better.  She obviously loved you so and your online CSN family will hold her and your boys and your extended family up in our prayers and well wishes.  Oh that we could do more, we would.

Rest now Bob, rest.  I will miss you. 

Your friend,


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Like John said, those of us who have been here awhile and get to know these people as well as some of our best friends, really makes it hurt. Does anyone know aprox. how old Robert was, kids? age of kids? ETC.


This sucks


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My heart is broken.




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I don't even know what to say.. I'm so immensely sad right now.

Bob was a young man, with a young family full of love. He's been such a positive figure on this board and I feel so so blessed that our paths crossed, even though for a short time and in such sad circumstances. I will never forget him.

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I'm at a total loss for words, may his family be guided in the blessings and love he had for all of them.

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condolences to the friends and family of a brave man.

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Sadly, I believe Bob was in his thirties with 2 young boys.

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Thanks, I thought I remembered knowing his boys were younger than mine, but thanks to "wonderfull chemo brain" all of the posts over time become blurred. I feel somewhat fortunate that if I go tonight, I was lucky to have not only raised them, but spent some very quality time with them. They are 21 and 23 now.

I feel for his kids, as their hero is gone, but will live on forever.

I get so much comfort from this site, but sometimes feel like it is a game of russian roulette. log on and hear a ton of good news one day, and log on the next, and BOOM you get hit with Barefoot Bob.

So very sad, but I am honored I was able to cross paths with him and the rest of my CSN family.


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His Caring Bridge page says the boys are 6 and 7 years old. So so sad.

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This made me so sad when I read it on Caring Bridge yesterday. I only talked to Bob a few times but he was one of the first few to welcome me to this place and he was so kind.

God truly does pick the prettiest flowers first

My heart goes out to all of his family.


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A little more about Bob.  I first noticed BarefootBob on this site due to his funny avatar but also due to his posts.  He always came across as a funny, good guy and one that you’d like to have as a buddy.  Evidently Rob and I did know each other and didn’t ever realize it.  Rob, as he is known at my company, was a technician in one of our offices (Rob in Peoria and I’m in St. Louis).   He was hard worker, a good family man, a lively conversationalist and an all-round good guy. He had a great attitude and was enthusiastic about everything he did.   

My relationship with Rob at my company was strictly professional and regretfully I did not know him well, in fact we never even met and obviously we had not been made aware of each other’s dx (something I’m feeling terribly guilty about right now). It was not until this morning when I came into work and saw a note about Rob and then pulled up CSN and saw this thread that I put two and two together.  However I asked around about Rob and after talking to several co-workers, there was nothing but positive things talked about when I brought up his name.

I passed along what BarefootBob was thought of on this site to some of his co-workers in Peoria to pass along to his family. 

Rob – RIP

Positive thoughts going to his family


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Tonsil Dad
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Please accept our deepest condolences, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

It takes a little piece of each and everyone of us on here when we lose one of our " FAMILY "

Bob has now found peace and can no longer be hurt from this dreaded disease. 

God Bless

Tonsil Dad,


Kent Cass
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Thanks for the info, Greg. So very sad to hear this news, and that he was from the heartland. Prayers for his family. For kids to lose their Dad to this C creature...RIP, Rob, and all of our Prayers are with your family going forward.



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Bob was a true fighter in every sense of the word. He refused to give up, but ugly C got him anyway. You have earned a special place to rest until the time comes when we all meet again.


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