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Chemo + melatonin

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some people might be interested in this;


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Toward bottom, is states weekly Irinotecan.  Usually it is given every other week.  I don't get what it says about 5FU either, but then I'm reading it rather fast.

I swear I have the hardest time making sense out of these "reports".

Anyway, thanks Tony, melatonin is another thing I was thinking of adding, Irinotecan or no-irinotecan.  I thought melatonin had anti-tumor effects regardless of anything else.....

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Hi Joan, no idea about Irinotecan schedule, but totally agree with the language of the reports,  

I think this is the important bit, I also found adding Aloe with MLT seems very good.

"the percent of disease-control achieved in patients concomitantly treated with MLT was significantly higher than that observed in those treated with chemotherapy alone"


I have only found good stuff about Melatonin for every type of cancer, we get a specially made liquid form, liquids absorb better.

What are you on now?

Take care.



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been on it for over a year, raised it here then, its on the lef schedule.

thanks tony, more proof.



ps having one now

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This melatonin is it available thru our PBS system here in AUS? what brand and mg would you suggest, never had it before.

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When my daughter started going to CTCA one of the first things the naturopath did was to put her on Melatonin 20mg daily. From what I understand from other patients, I think everybody going there must be taking it. Also, they have put her on Vitamin D and a high powered circumin. She went off her supplements for a time when her liver enzymes went sky high but we now think that was from Cipro for an infection. So she is back on them and also her cimetidine. She is doing VERY well - and had quite an improvement in her all-around general health after we started going there. She still got her Folfiri but Erbitux was added. So I don't know which of these things made the big difference, but just glad they did. I have started taking the 20mg melatonin myself.


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Does your daughter take supplements during chemo.  Eg vst c, d etc?  I haven't been to naturopath for a while now?  Does any of it hinder chemo?   tks. Sue

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She takes melatonin, Vit D, calcium, probiotic, circumin. Cimetidine. No one has said anything about it hindering chemo but after reading so much lately about antioxidants, I am going to ask.


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