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How are you,Terry V?

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I was happy to see you had responded to some posts today.  I have been thinking of you and the kids a lot the last couple of days and through the holidays.  It must have been so hard.

You remain in my thoughts and prayers.








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The holidays were a challenge that my children were more than willing to meet head on.  They dragged me kicking & screaming into having some fun with them and finding a bit of holiday spirit.  If it would have just been me, there would have been no tree, no presents, no holiday cheer.  But for their sakes, we actually put up a live tree, had a good Christmas and are hopeful for a brighter 2013.

We are doing okay, all in all.  Some days it's easy to smile, some days it's not.  But each day brings me a opportunity to make a new normal for us.  We will find the path that is right for us.  I'm certain of it.  Just not patient :)

Thanks again for thinking of us.  Sorry it took so long to reply.  I'm not here often - it's hard to come here.  You are all in our thoughts and prayers!

{Hugs} to you!

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Wonderful to read your post - ofter wonder about you and the children along with Judy, Chemosmokers & lee's partner and of course fred's wilma. 2012 was a rough ride

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