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GYN ONC Recommendation - Montgomery County, MD, USA

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I am returning to USA from overseas later this year and will settle in Montgomery County, MD.  I would appreciate any GYN ONC doctor referrals from members of this board who live and are being treated in that area. 

I will be using the state insurance plan for uninsurable people that is administered by Care First BCBS since I have no employer-provided insurance. I think that I could probably go anywhere in the state, but I would limit my search for a doc to Montgomery County and Baltimore.  I have recurrent metastatic endometrial cancer dx'd in March 2012.  Had radiation to shrink peri-aortic lymph tumor and started Provera (Megace) 400 mg/day in April which has shrunk a second clavicular lymph tumor, as well as cleared scattered lesions in both lungs. My first dx was in August 2005, stage IC, grade 2 adenocarcinoma.  Had hysterectomy and pelvic radiation at that time.

Thanks in advance for any responses.



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This site provides a list of top doctors in this region. You can take a look and hope this will help. Good Luck~



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Thank you, crystalblue.  The database produced 7 names for me to research.



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I highly recommend both Dr. Neil Rosenshein at Mercy in Baltimore & Dr. Abbie Fields at washington Hospital Center in DC. I have received care from them both & credit them with saving my life. 

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