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Neuroendocrine Colon CA

joann p
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Hi All,

My husband Frank, was diagnoised in April with Neuroendocrine Small Cell Poorly Differentiated COlon CA with met's to liver and multiple lymph nodes. We went thru 6 sesseion's of VP16 and Cisplatin, after 3 treatments, the tumors in the left arm went down 1cm, and the large one on his liver went from 2cm to 1.8 cm, but after the 6th session, the one in the liver went back up to it's original size of 2cm. He just had 6 mores essions of another form of chemo,irinotecan, which too a moderate toll on him. Is there anyone else on this forum with the same cancer??? I also post on the neuroendocrine site, but I am branching out to other sites to help me thru this!!!

                                                      Prayers and remission to all,


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I'm sorry but don't know anything about this type, I'm hoping that someone can help you.  There is a lot of knowledge on this board and maybe someone can give you insight. 


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   One of my friends mother was dxed with neuroendocrine colon cancer. Unfortunately there are a couple of varieties of this cancer. One is incredibly aggressive and the other is extremely slow growing. Fortunately Glorias was found to be the slow growing one. Part of her colon was removed and she has decided on no further treatment. Her surgeon was quite supportive having told her that the slow growing variety rarely threatened life.  I have no idea on the chemo regimes used on the aggressive type. Best wishes to your husband and yourself...Ron.

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