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My wife is being recruited for a big job at Dell Children's Hospital, University of Texas Medical Center and if she accepts, I would need to be able to continue my treatment. I do know MD Anderson has a facility in Austin. Can anyone comment on their experience there, and even recommend an Oncologist who specializes in H&N METS. Of course I will be looking to my current team for a referral to MDA.

Lastly, can anyone comment on living in Austin?? I know Texas has one of the better economies going. As stated in a previous post, I will be going on SS Disability / Investments and getting out of the ratrace and focusing on staying around as long as I can.

Please feel free to PM me.



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I can't comment on MDA in Austin as I went to Houston for my evaulation but Austin, as a city, is simply outstanding.  It rests in the Texas Hill country and, as the name suggests, the topography is so different from most of the rest of the state.  Being a college town (University of Texas) and the capital of the state gives the city an unusual mix of fun and sophistication.  I would live there in a second if I could.


Good Luck,


Joe Cortney

Dallas, TX

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heh, Austin City Limits is one of my favorite shows, just finished watching it. But I hear it's a ***** to get taping tickets at the moody theater.

my late aunt moved down to austin a few years back, and loved it. but when they found a brain aneurysm in november, they transferred her up to dallas for 21 hrs. of surgery over two days. top-notch care, but not much they could do.

congrats to your wife, nice to be in demand!

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Let me comment about leaving the rat race. I got pushed out in 2008. I expected to take a year off and rejoin the race in 2010. But in that year my body gave out and instead of the rat race I found myself in this cancer race. No one wants to escape the rat race; but sometimes our bodies will not due what we want. So Mike: I invite you to the brain race, where we keep our brains going even when our bodies fail us (to some extent). I sure hope my brain is functioning properly right now. I mean: I hope my brain is functioning well enough to be understood and not be offensive.

When I was 60 years old, I thought I would be productive for decades. But before one decade elapsed, my body completely failed. Of course the failure of the body or a major body part can occur at any age. Here's to all those who can work. What a gift. Mike, I'm sure you agree with me that the ability to work is a gift. And too many of us when we have that gift do not recognize it for what it is. Rick.

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Wish I could help ...but no knowledge of Austin or much about MDA either....but I am still wishing you the best on this new adventure ...and I'm excited for you as well. 

Praying both your sons are doing better ......keeping you and your familiy in my thoughts ....


Rick....good points to keep in mind for us still working.  You are correct sir on many fronts.  I should not take anything for granted.



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I am getting out of the rat race becuase the rat race is off setting the terrific progress my chemo is having in holding this beast at bay. My job is pretty stressfull and with the travel I feel like I am sitting on a chair in the middle of a room with the walls closing in on me. Even on SSD I still plan to work part time at a job where the stress is on my terms.

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My speech has been  a prohibitive thing.  Even though I can work, and do fill my days pretty full, speech has been a limiting factor for many years.  In my business, lacking the ability to go thoough thousands and thousands of words a day, I've been crippled.  So life goes on, my vocation wasn't that important anyway.  Life offers other rewards, sometimes we just need that shown  to us.