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Implants & weight lifting

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I had a left breast implant done in September of 2011.

This past August I started lifting weights and have noticed alot of pressure and tightening of the pecs especially in the area of the implant.

Some days the pressure is very uncomfortable & others, not very noticeable.

Has anyone else experienced this with weightlifting?


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I am assuming that the implant was part of reconstruction. WAs it after expanders or immediate reconstruction.  I recently had implants in both breasts right after mastectomy and they used the pectoral muscle and tissue matrix to create a pocket for the implants.  Was told by my surgeion not to use my pectoral muscles for 6 monhs and that it would be a long time before I could do any heavy lifting. 

Not sure if this answers your question, but yes I think it is an expected side effect.

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Alexis F
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Carrie, I had a lumpectomy and I don't do any weightlifting, so, I can't answer specifically to your question.  Have you spoken with your breast surgeon about this?  He or she would be the first ones to contact to make sure everything is ok and let us know what you find out.


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Hi Carrie,

I do weightlifting and I had a bilateral mastectomy with expanders and reconstruction with silicone implants.  Initially my chest area was very tight and I developed 2 frozen shoulders.  Weight lifting was difficult during this time.  Now that I have that issue mostly resolved (thanks to a wonderful physical therapist) I lift weights again.  I don't do anything super heavy though as I notice a tightening of the area when I do (and some discomfort).  For my chest muscles I now do mostly isometric exercises and light weights.  I still do the same weights for my arms, shoulders, and back, though.  For my back I try to do more than I used to as I have found that it helps me keep my shoulders pulled back and I was told will help prevent my frozen shoulders from recurring.  I never did anything really heavy (15 pound weights for shoulder presses, 10 pounds for biceps, tricep dips and 70 pounds for lat pulls) before, I just liked to keep toned and fit.

For what it is worth, my plastic surgeon told me that I had no restrictions on exercise (including weighs) after just a few weeks following my reconstructive surgery.

I hope this helps. 



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I think I'd been lifting too heavy--all of the discomfort is muscular. I also read on the Livestrong site that women with implants sometimes have problems when focusing on the pecs.

Feels better today. (:

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