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CT scan results

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I had a CT scan on Friday.  I let them use my arm for the IV instead of my port.  Barely into the scan my vein blew, so the contrast was just going into my arm.  They didn't hear me when I complained of the pain, so we got a good scan.  But my arm was really swollen and quite painful.  The arm is much better now.

My onc called at 6pm, he didn't want me to have to wait through the weekend.  We'll be changing my chemo again. He mentioned cisplatin (or carboplatin. I can't remember.) and gemzar or euribulin.   One of the lymph nodes is larger, and there is fluid in the lining of my lungs (both right and left).  There is not enough fluid to drain, so the thought is that chemo will take care of it.   We'll finalize plans after we have the results from Monday's brain MRI.  I'll keep you posted.








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Oh dear ....  I am praying you can catch a break.  It just doesn't seem fair.  

Did you have a nice Christmas?  I haven't been in the forum for a while.   Praying for better news next time.



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Oh Linda, I am so sorry!  I am glad though that you have a new plan already started.  Praying for a healthy and happy New Year!  And sending big, big hugs and prayers.

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I like that your doctor is so on top of things, the worst is waiting over weekends.  This is such a rough ride, hoping that the new chemo works for you.

Hugs and prayers,




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I'm so sorry to hear this news. Sounds like your Dr is on top of it though. Glad you have a new plan quickly. I am praying the new chemo works well for you. Praying for a healthier happier new year. Take care Darlin,

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Prayers for you Linda, I am sorry you have to deal with this! Damn cancer just pisses me off when it won't let go!! I know you are gonna just dig in deeper and fight that much harder and kick that Sh%t to the curb :)

New Flower
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Hi Linda,

I am very sorry that your current medication stopped working, however there is alway a hope for the next silver bullet. Debbie (MyTurnNow) is on Eribulin. I did ask her about this drug several week ago. She seems to be very pleased with minimal side effects and administration of this medication. Please see her  comments about the drug

My current chemo is Eribulin (Halavan).  It is given right after anti-nausea medication.  It is a chemo that comes in a syringe and is infused over 3-5 minutes.  It was just approved by the FDA the later part of last year.  It is very tolerable and was effective in reducing the tumor size in my liver.  Fingers crossed that it is still working.  One of the positives about this chemo is that my hair is growing back.  I know that may seem trivial to some but I was completely bald since August of 2011.

Sending positive thoughts for your clean MRI torrow


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Christmas Girl
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Wish the scan results had been better... It's crappy; and, as someone else said - REALLY wish you could catch a break.

But, am glad you've got options. Will be sincerely HOPING the new chemo protocol will be of maximum effectiveness, with minimal SEs & discomfort.

Sending cyberhugs...

Kind regards, Susan

P.S. to Olga: Cyberhugs for you, too. With the same HOPE...

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