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What happened???

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Something is different. Nothing is in the same order. Not that i'm OCD but you get used to things right?

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Hey Luke,

Earlier we had been spammed by some idiot....I just signed out til it was fixed.  Also if old posts get brought to the top....things get turned around a bit.  So no it's not your OCD lol !  Hope all is well with you !   Katie

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All is well.  We were attacked while sleeping last night.  Luckily, Phrannie had our flank and fought a good battle against the spammers.  With the spammers gone the threads were from all time periods.  In an attempt to bring back order I sent some of the (latest) threads back to the top.


Happy posting,



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But Phrannie came to the rescue!


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I was wondering when I logged in briefly this morning what all that was. I figured it was some kind of hacker so I didn't click on any messages. That Phrannie, is always up to good. She is a lifesaver to all on this site.


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