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Half way - Page 3 - Our posts before Shanghai Hijacked w/SPAM

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Joined: Jun 2010

If you go to page 3, half way down is where our posts before Shanghai hijacked CSN Breast Cancer with SPAM.

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I sent an email to Greta about the spammer, so hopefully, she will log on soon and get rid of them and then the posts will go back to the way they were. 

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Joined: Dec 2009

We can still click on the "created" column to resort them.




Posts: 3659
Joined: Aug 2009

"Shanghai" not only 'shanghaied' the BC section but several other sections as well.

583 posts on the day 'it' joined - WOW!

Winyan - The Power Within


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Do they think it is funny? Cancer is no joke and I find things like this very offensive.


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I went back and "FLAGED" all of Shanghai's post and bumped up a couple of posts for this month and year. Hope they do something harsh against this "Shanghai" person!


(((HUGS))) & Prayers to all


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Robert, thank you for doing that!  You are such a good guy! Smile

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about the spammer.  As soon as the CSN people get all of the messags about them, they will delete them and the old posts will disappear and the order of the new posts will be back.  You don't have to bump anything up.  It will go back to the way it was when CSN deletes the spammer.  I just hope they do it soon.


Contact CSN at the top right and send them an email asking that of them.



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Joined: Jun 2010

Spammers like to show off their power over all of us.  Because they can, they do.  They are still scum of the earth!



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