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Will I ever get used to the Port?

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Its 3:50 AM and I'm up because my port is irriitating me. 

I had it placed on December 17th, so just shy of three weeks. I would have thoguht by now that I would be used to it, but I'm not. It has not been accessed yet as treatment has not started. 

The area pulls if I move in certain positions (I can't lay on my port side - Heavens! I sound like a ship - ). It aches at times. Sometimes its sensitive to touch, other times its fine.  It really aches if I get stressed and the muscles in my shoulders and neck tighten. 

I wonder if I am sheilding/guarding it, thus making it ache. Do I go about my normal routine and the ache will go, or do I do less? I just don't know. 

I have also developed a Keloid scar, which I have never had before in my life. 

Is this normal, or do you think it is something I should address this with my surgeon? 

Thus are the ramblings of someone whose body wants to be in bed asleep. 

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I personally have not had a port, but one thing I have learned here...if in doubt call the doctor.  It may be that they need to check it for correct placement.  It may be they can tell you what you should or should not do related to muscle stresses, etc.  It may be that they have some suggestions for easier sleeping...perhaps putting a small pillow under the area.

I imagine others with first hand experience will chime in soon.

Marie who loves kitties

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I think I'd ask the doctor.  My husband hasn't complained about his at all.  May just be placed in a bad area, but make sure nothing else is going on with it.

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My husband has had his for a year and eight mos. Not one complaint or problem. Before the port he had a picc line and it was a complete disaster. Couldn't shower etc... Big pain in the butt. Port has caused him no pain or discomfort. I would suggest you call your doctor. Shouldn't have to put up with unnecessary pain.


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Not only will you get used to it, but you will miss it when it's gone :)

It does take some adjustment, and as you will probably lose weight with the txs, it will shift a bit too.

However, having a port makes all the difference in the world when it comes to the ease of chemo delivery/blood draws, etc.

Even now, 2 years "post port" I'm surprised and slightly disappointed when I have to use a regular vein (owie) for any blood draw.

Hang in there~

Sending you peace and hope--and a hug--from California~


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Going on 2 years next week.

I never felt any pulling... when they put mine in I was awake  and they asked me to move my head and arm so that it would be impinging on any muscles.. I mean it really isn't that deep anyway.. it is is actually just under your skin.

I do have a scar there but that is normal I believe as they are accessing it every two weeks.

I will admit though I know it is there all the time.. I do seem to protect it.. I hear so many people talk about issue snd infections..

I kid of remeber it took a few months for me to not be really consciencous of it..

Good Luck

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I've had my port since July 2011 and it still gives me fits at times.  When it was first put in, I could not sleep on that side.  I have to watch what bra I wear because certain straps put pressure on it, the seat belt irritates it, and if I stretch out my arm for any length of time that it irritates it...it is accessed and flushed every three months during my check ups.  My last chemo was week before Thanksgiving 2011.  Been thinking lately about having it removed but a little hesitant on that. 

I'm fortunate that I have two doctors who encourage me to call any time I have a concern, I think, since this cancer crap, I've become a bit of a hypochondriac! :)


Hope you get to feeling better soon

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This is me exactly (except for the flushing part, I've yet to experience that).

What on earth do you do with your bra strap when the port has tubes hanging from it? I will be going home with a pump.

I've already started going braless, which works during the cold winter months (19 below this morning), but it aint going to work during the summer. 


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It was a very happy day for me when I got my port removed.  It scratched me from below, if I rolled over I could sometimes feel it dig in on me.   I would say what you are feeling is normal.


I get another port installed Thursday, so I can start chemo again.  Woo Hoo. The port did make getting the injections and pump a lot easier.


Best Always, mike

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Thank you all so very much for your replies. Each one is helpful. And it is so good to know I'm normal (we'll not delve too deeply into the definition of normal, eh), as I am indeed experiencing the same as some have put in their replies. 

I will be going in to see my surgeon for a follow-up appointment when he comes into town on the 18th. We're rural, so he only comes in once a month. I will load myself up with questions for him, and make him earn his bread and butter. 



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It was a God-send for the chemo.  I couldn't imagine being poked all those times.  I lost 65 pounds thru this so mine actually showed thru my skin.  I called it "alien baby" because it looked like a face from that movie where the alien comes out of the body (forgot name).  Was so happy to get out.  BTW have it removed in the hospital like you had it put in.  Many Drs say they take out in the office.  Do not go that direction.  I had it in in the hospital so I had it out in the hospital.  Sometimes mine ached at night.  I just found a new position to sleep.  You should mention all your issues to the Dr.  I called the infusion chemo pump "side baby".  So I had alien baby and side baby.  Cancer gives you a wierd sense of humor.  Either laugh or cry...........always choose laugh! 

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My port bothered me the whole time it was in and sorry TommyCat, but it was a pleasure to get rid of it and didn't miss it at all.  My problem is that I'm not skinny, but thin and have no fat there and it was placed right on my bone, hence the tugging and hurting and if I'd hug someone the pain would shoot through my whole shoulder.  It didn't hurt all the time though but certain things made me aware that it was there.  Call your doctor though, as it could be something they can help you with.


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It hasn't even been in for a month...I think you need to give it a bit of time. Laughing 

I was sore when I had my port installed but I don't recall for how long. It was a while ago. I believe that the port is the way to go if you're getting chemo though. I couldn't imagine not having it installed. It makes infusions very easy. I haven't noticed mine in ages. I also have an HAI pump that's part of me now Surprised

I've found that it's always a good idea to let your Onc know if there's ever anything that seems remotely unusual. You're new at this. One tends to find their groove and what their new normal is after a while.


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Wait port, do I have a port?  Why yes I do.  I had the pain in the beginning and the irritation.  I've had the port since I think September and I'm not sure when I stopped noticing it, it sort of just happened.  On ocassion, I hit it against something and that really hurts and it stings to high heaven when a needle is stuck in it (that didn't happen in the beginning) but yes, you definitely get used to it and at some point, you just won't notice it anymore.  I would definitely address the keloid with the doctor.  You don't want any kind of blockage with a port.  And make sure you get it flushed every month when not in use.

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