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Good news!

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What a long time I've waited to say this: I'm normal! Blood drawn on New Year's Eve shows my benchmark CA 125 marker is in the normal range -- 31.2. Happy New Year! 

Just had to share the good news.  I hope it lasts.

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That is such wonderful news! What a way to start the new year! Happy new year!


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I love your good news, for you and for all of us. My debulking surgery is tomorrow and of course we have been overwhelmed with all the bad news we've received since November. I will be thinking of you and your wonderful results right up until I'm put under anaesthesia tomorrow.


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What a sweet, heartwarming message!  Thank you so much.  I will be thinking of you as you undergo surgery tomorrow and hoping for the best for you.  I look forward to hearing how you're doing after your surgery.  Good luck!  I have my first meeting with the oncology surgeon later this month, so I expect to learn then if surgery is in my future.  As I said in my blog, I'm hoping if I do have surgery it will laparoscopic.  

Thinking good thoughts for tomorrow!


Best Friend
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Congrats! You deserve some peace of mind.

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Brilliant and long may it last! It's a great New Year gift isn't it? I found out that there may be a targetted treatment for me once I need the drugs. Hopefully, I can go on the trial which is in Phase II so far as I know. It's not chemotherapy, it's an oral medication which not even on the toxicity scale I'm used to! Again, brilliant. I'm really pleased for you.

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What a wonderful present for 2013 Seatown!


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WOOT WOOT, congrats, seatown I'm totally happy for you. I hope its a sign of how your new year is going to be. Take care Bonnie

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Congratulations!!! So happy for you!

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