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Happy NY Everyone!!!! Happy almost birthday to me!!!! Happy almost 10 yrs since stage 3 diagnosis!!!

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Hi everyone,
I  used to be a regular on this site which helped me SO MUCH  almost 10 years ago. 
On Sunday I will be celebrating my 56 birthday.  WOOOHOOOO I love birthdays!!!!!
On 3/17/2003 I was told by a GI doc after a scope, "I have bad news, you have a mass."  I was 46 years old.  My kids were 14, 17 and 21.  Life will never be the same.  I had stage 3 rectal cancer.  I had surgery, chemo and radiation.  I had a temp ileostomy that was reversed.  I then spent the next 18 mos. in the bathroom or looking for one.  I opted for a colostomy and havent looked back. I have had 13 hospital admissions. I work full time as a nurse.  My 2 older kids are married now.  I have a 2 yo grand daughter and another one on the way due in June.  My husband has been my rock through all of this.
I am sharing my story again to give hope to all of you.  When I was first diagnosed I wanted to hear from long term survivors.
When my husband was wishing me a Happy New Year the other day, he said we had a really good year. Our grand daughter just turned 2.  She has changed so much in the last year.  She will be a big sister soon.  My oldest son was married in June to his college sweatheart.  He is 28 and recently bought a house.  He was only 17 and in high school when I was diagnosed.   
Yes we did have a good year.  I had no hospital admissions.  Yeah.  I have issues with adhesions and have had way too many bowel obstructions.  Two years ago I spent my birthday in the hospital and was out of work for over 3 weeks.
Hang in there.  It does get better.
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Lovely to see you. Apart from the day to day adjustments we all have I am glad you have been able to resume life as normally as possible and been able to see all of those precious family moments. I continue to struggle thru life but basically remain upright and breathing.... Hugs Ron.

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for posting. and yes it gives me hope when i read about you! congrats on being ned!!!



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You are right. We need to hear from long term survivors and I for one am grateful for your post. 

I was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer in November, so I am at the beginning of my journey. You can be sure I will be remembering this post as I travel along the road to recovery.

Happy Birthday for Sunday. May you enjoy many, many more. 

God bless!

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Congratulations for being NED!  Happy Birthday!   Both big events to be happy about.


Keep telling everyone good news because to often we hear the sad news.


Best Always, mike

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Thank you for sharing your story.  It's good to hear that you can come through this with successful outcome.  Welcome to the grandbabies too, they are so special.  It's great that you came back here to tell of your journey.  Happy New Year.


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Great to hear your long-term survivor story.  Thanks for checking in and sharing your milestones. 

From a fellow stage III rectal cancer survivor hoping to match your 10 years.

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What a great email.  I am almost 1 year NED from stage 3b colon cancer this Jan 31.  My heart filled with joy reading your post.

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Thank you for sharing your very encouraging story! I'm glad this past year was so good for you!




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Happy for you and thank you for sharing and inspiring all of us!
I am stage IV but still want to hear long term stories for all!

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A very nice post.

Thank you!!!!!!!

(and continued NED-ness)

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