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Hello everyone,

I am new to the site and just recently diagnosed with stage 2 Her2 positive. Still doing alot of testing, Tuesday I do a ct bone scan and a nuc test also to check elsewhere

for any cancer. 

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But where we all find comfort. 



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It is one no one wants to be in but we are all here together. You will find a lot of support, useful information, and good listeners. We are here whenever you need us.



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I've been here the last few months and can tell you this board is full of great information.  The people here are very supportive and friendly.  Whether you're asking a question or just want to vent, everyone will answer. I wish you luck during the testing process.  Hugs, Linda

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Alexis F
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Welcome and good luck with your scans! 


Hugs, Lex

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Bumping Up !

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Bumping Up !

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Welcome to the site that no one really wants to have to visit, but we are glad you found us.  There are many here who will try and help you through this in any way they can  You are in shock right now and you have so very much to digest.  Give yourself time.  As a longterm survivor (25 years, Stage 3), my advice is to be as compliant with your treatments as possible.  And never, ever give up hope!

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Hi I am sorry you have to be here, but welcome, there is a lot of love and support here.


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Hello, and welcome to the forum. You'll like it here. Every one is very helpful and sincere. You can vent, talk , ask questions, anything at all. It is a wealth of information and love. You must realize though that now you have thousands of sisters!!! We are here for you what ever you need darlin. Again Welcome..




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(((Hugs))) so sorry you have to take this journey but if you do then this is a great place to look for some company! Some great gals and guys will do everything they can to answer your question or hold your virtual hand while you cry or vent and it is absolutely ok to do both here!


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