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Clinical trial?

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hello Ladies. I am normally on the ovarian cancer board. I am 35 years old and have stage 4 ovc. I was diagnosed on Feb 29th 2012. I am already having a re-ocurrance and have a biopsy scheduled next week. I was on a clinical trail that included a low dose of Taxol once a month. My original 6 Taxol doses got my ca125 down to 8, but it started climbing when on the trial and only got to 4 treatments. Now its up to 44 and have been removed from the trial. My oncologist said he wanted me to try a new trial that was a subcutaneos injection. Didnt get all the information yet, but the nurse said it was also used for patients with uterine cancer. Just wondering if anyone had some information about this, had heard of it, or even been on a similar trial. Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing this info.  I'm so sorry for your situation.  I hope this new treatment will bring cancer under control. 

It hate cancer!!  big hugs.  Mary Ann

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Sounds like a possible hormone-type therapy.  There is one, called Faslodex, which is given by injection.  But could also be something completely different.  Would be very interested to hear about it once you know more.

Wishing you lots of luck with the new treatment


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