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“The Sundance Army Needs You” – Help Get Me on the Jeff Probst Show

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Well, we were shot down in flames by Dr. Phil…I think I’ve mentioned before how “Deafening” that Silence can really be. 


But, it was worth a try…and it was a good try…I wanted to thank everyone again who put in a good plug for me and supported my project…and for the others who followed the story…(Sorry, Maggie May…The Lion let you down).  I know you were watching and waiting…and hoping.


Me too. 


After 51 years of struggle, I’m wrestling with the notion of the plain and simple truth…”I’m just not good enough.”


At least, that’s the message that’s been beaten into my brain over the course of my lifetime…it’s the story of my life really, just never quite good enough to make the final cut. 


 I don’t understand why I still try and reach for the unattainable…


I guess, because I am a survivor of Life itself…and I’m just too plain ornery and stubborn to give in to anything…as well as being born a native Texan…well, that’s quite a homemade brew:)


I’ve often joked about The Sundance Army in posts…a whimsical notion I concocted back when I was creating Big Billy.  I’ve often hinted at the fact that we need to finally put this army in gear...2013 sounds good to me.


My role on this board has always been to try and provide for others…a mission that I hold dear…I’ve tried not to ask for too many things during my time here.


You’ve all been very benevolent in helping me with anything that I’ve ever asked for…truer friends than I’ve ever had before…the cupboard is still bare in my regular life,  but as long as my friends are here, there will always be a couple of cans still on the shelf. 


So…I need your help. 


I guess I didn’t tell you before, but I bypassed Congressional Legislation and appointed myself “General” of the lone Sundance Army…even Kim is on hiatus after this last year, so it’s just me:)


Looks like I’m the “Chief Bottle Washer” of this rag-tag outfit:)




I just needed a fresh personality for 2013…a couple more and I’ll finally catch up to “Sybill.”




Anyway, all funnin’ aside…


I got another idea…I decided to write Jeff Probst of Survivor fame…he’s got a daytime talk show now – “The Jeff Probst Show.”


I submitted my story in a write up and asked to be on the show…I’m reminded of one of the good lines that Alec Baldwin said in the movie, Glengarry Glen Ross, circa 1992 – “Always Be Closing.”




I told him about the book, my participation on our board, and how I just wanted to help…and threw in Chapter I – The Diagnosis…and hit the Submit button.  They are looking for:


Inspiration stories


Overcoming Obstacles

Controversial Stories


Would I qualify under one of those categories? 


I figured WTH - Let’s Roll!


After I sent in my submission, I continued to think about this…and came up with a pretty good idea…a good chance…a worthwhile endeavor. 


So, here’s my idea…


What if WE did a “Write-In” campaign to help shine a little more attention to the submission I entered and help get my name at the front of their minds.  With as passionate a group as we have here, I’m sure we could have a positive influence…


With a few extra hits of support, they would know that this is no joke and that we are on the level…that could be a deciding factor for them to just maybe keep their eyes on us…and perhaps, call to be on the show. 


It’s certainly worth taking another shot…it’s as quick as replying to a post, so it doesn’t take much time or commitment…just say whatever is in your heart…that’s always been good enough for me.


Real, Genuine, and Sincere…The Three Amigos...that’s always the ticket right there. 


The required fields are just name and email address…and I think age for some reason…probably want to know that folks are over 18.

Here is the link to the page that you would submit:




I read where his show is in danger of being cancelled already…so, this is the right time to take a chance before we lose that option. 


I need a rock to stand on…maybe this will be the one.


So, General Sundance is just going to come right out and say it…


“The Sundance Army Needs You!”


Hell, I need you:)  That’s enough, isn’t it?


I’ll leave you with this thought…it really got to me a few weeks ago…and just came back to my mind just now…so poignant in its truth that it kind of shook me when I heard it…


 The world loves good stories…stories of the Underdog, who came from nothing….rose to prominence…had success…and lived happily ever after. 


These can be very good stories of hope and inspiration…


If there was some struggle and adversity…go ahead and throw that in too…just as long as we triumph above all else – in the end.  We only want the story of success – not of failure.


But, what about those stories where Failure is the end result of The Dream?  


I must have been listening to Dr. Stanley that evening…and he spoke of how someone with failure after failure could actually be an inspiring story….to struggle mightily – and yet, never achieve. 


Boy, did that one hit me deep…crushing really...I just knew he was talking to me. 


I’ve delivered on everything I said I would do during my time here…without fail…through sickness and health…till death do us part…EXCEPT for getting this book deal done.


I’ve failed everyone here with that one, including myself…


Not on purpose, mind you…just the fact that the powers that be…hold the keys…to my future and our message.  I must find a way to break through the glass ceiling. 


And I’m not done trying either…


So, if you’re ready to get 2013 off to a great start, I invite you to go to the website and participate in yet another one of my projects:) 


What if this was the one that made the difference?


“Let’s Roll!”


-Craig aka General S.


P.S.  The title of my submission was "The Lion's Roar" - A Texan's Journey Inside the Real World of Cancer.  And I used my name too...so tie those buzzwords together and we'll hope they read it.


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One voice from your army has been posted to the show...ME!

I pray that your story is recognized as show worthy, because I know it is to all of us!

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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Dear Marie

With all that you've got going on, I so much appreciate you taking more time out for me to contribute to our project.  I need my heavy hitters going to bat for me...Smile

I dream of so many things...somehow if I could deliver something like this and be able to share it with everyone...well, you already know how I feel about that...

Thank you for your voice!!! 

We'll see how this one goes...I'm just about of magic tricks...so we better pull a rabbit out of one of these hats!


The Lion Roars for The Lion's Roar...


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I don't post often on the Board anymore.  I have decided to spend some time in Denial which is a lovely place for a short break from this disease.  Regardless, I was stalking today and read your request.  You know I am a fan of yours because your words have helped me, especially at the beginning of this difficult journey.  I admire your constant willingness to share with all on the Board instead of taking a selfish trip to Denial like me.  I did write to the show like you suggested and hope others will do likewise.  Maybe once I could do something for you instead of the other way round.  Lisa

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I told you one day I might call on you...

It makes me think back to the opening scene in The Godfather...where Vito is talking to Bonasero in his office on his daughter's wedding day...

"Some day, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day..."


Today was that day...and Thank You for stepping up, Lisa.  The simple fact of the matter is that you voted for me...and that means so much to me...as I try so hard to fight for folks just like us.  You have done something for me today...you cared enough to participate...somehow, when I wrote this post I wondered if you would show up...I'm glad that I was enough to pull you away from the other side to be here with us today.

It's clear that I cannot do this alone...we've got to throw some numbers behind this, just like with any type of frontal assault campaign.  And besides it wouldn't be any fun if we weren't all banded together playing this hand out, would it?

I'm gonna' make it alright...just stay with me:)

And if you remove the S from Stalk...what you get is Talk...and that's where I come in...and that's what we did today...so, that was pretty good too!

Thanks bunches, $I:)



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done. glad i could do this for you. i hope it helps. do not give up!



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How many times have you heard that one?


Thanks, Judy, for stepping up and swinging for the fence!

Big Hugs/Craig

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Definitely worth a try and it sure would be good to get you on that show.  Was wondering what happened to the Dr. Phil Show.  It's surprising that they didn't even politely tell you no but they probably get so many requests.  Your story should be made into a movie.  You are a wonderful person and have gone through so much and yet try to lift others up while you are still beaten.  Someone should finally recognize that.  We all know it here on the board, but it would be nice if others outside of here could hear your trials and tribulations.  Keep us up to date.


Cathleen Mary
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Best of luck.

Cathleen Mary


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Thank you, Cathleen:) 

You probably don't know what to do with me...Smile

But, thank you for all of your support...all the way to signing the funeral register...I'll never forget that.

Put in a good word for me with the Big Fella...I heard last week that He sometimes works "through others."

Maybe, just maybe, with some of the turmoil about to finally wash away in my life, the door will be cracked once more...and we can squeeze through it. 

Perhaps, "through others" in our community, we may finally get the opportunity to realize a dream...this would be a good time for a good message to be sent:)

My projects always turn into community projects...because, without you, they seem empty and hollow.  Where I go, I love for people to be there with me...and so I always take everybody along on the ride that wants to come:)

Thank you for riding along with me...and we'll hope that this prayer is answered.


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Had I been born back in the day of William Shakespeare, he would have written me as one of his "tragedies."


I just wanted to thank you for your insight on this reply...you are one of the ones who knows as much about the story as anyone.  I've never wanted to complain, but I'm glad I've been able to share...healing comes in many forms...and through all of you, I will somehow heal.  Talking about it is the salve that will promote that healing and finally let it scab over. 

It's a story of more than just cancer...and with so many stories that lack real substance, I wonder why I can't squeeze in somewhere?


I like the way you think Wink

I've been thinking about Mark Walhberg to play me...or perhaps, Matt Damon? 

Haven't figured out who the love interest would be:)  You only get one shot at something like this:)

I was thinking about the director too after reading your post...somehow I think that Ron Howard would be the guy that would give us a real, human portrayal...with a real storyline...I feel he would tell the story nicely and represent me and the rest of us with pride.

We're just gonna' hope that somebody lines up behind us to help us get where we need to go.

Thanks again for such a touching post!




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Of course my friend, I will certainly write something up tomorrow, just as soon as my dang headache goes away... :(

Hugs ((())



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I just had chemo today, and have to clean house tomorrow for my "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" party on Sunday.

BUT...be assured I will be writing in my mind a paragraph or two to send about you my dear friend.  So consider it another "name dropping" heading to the Jeff Probst show of the fierce General Craig Sundance name being done first thing Monday!

May the force be with you dear, dear friend!

Winter Marie

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Only if you feel up to it:)

I'm gonna' cyber rub that bald noggin of yours now for good luck...Wink

Continued best wishes for you as you continue to slug it out...know you're gonna' get back ahead of this thing again...

Skywalker Out:)


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I love this idea and will do what I can to help. I just want to remember, though, that you ARE good enough. I think you're quite good enough to make the final cut as a wonderful, dear friend, someone I'm proud to know.




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I'm throwin' darts...and hopin' to hit the target:)

You're kind and supportive, as you've always been...3.5 years ago, I asked you if it would be okay if I unpacked my suitcase and stayed awhile?

If you had it to say all over again...would you still say the same thing?


Take care, Gail...we'll explore the possibilities of my latest endeavor...


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Done. I hope it works out. Every now and then I will see an interview or read an article that really helps put things into perspective for me. I find your posts to be very inspirational, as does my husband. It would be wonderful for you to have a larger platform.


PS - I've never liked Dr. Phil

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I really appreciate you saying that...and I find it very insightful that you see that.  Thank you so much for reading...and tell Steve thanks so much too...I get a great deal of satisfaction out of folks reading and responding.  And I'm glad that it means something to them from something that I said.

I hope that we are considered for the show...I really wish I knew what to do...I'm learning on the job:)


P.S. Laughed on your PS:)  It looks like we're equal...DP never liked me either:)

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"Up" - due to spammer

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It's a "done deal". Now, we'll all cross our fingers.



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Fingers and toes for me:)

We'll see, but thank you for your vote of friendship.


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sheesh I am outa touch....I have no idea who this person is with the show, so  I have no clue what it's all about.   Craig I wish you the best of luck with your new project Laughing

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