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Next clinical trial

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I was wondering if anyone has been put on a clinical trial that includes an injection? My first trial didnt work, and am already having a re-occurance while I was recieving a low dose taxol every month. I didnt get all the information yet, so not sure what its even called. The nurse said its a sub-cutaneous injection and its different from the chemo, as it supposedly only attacks the cancer cells. Has anyone heard of anything like this?

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Hi Shannon,
I have not heard of this but wanted to say I am sorry that the first trial didn't work out for you. I am sure it is frustrating and saddening to know it didnt perform as well as expected. My last treatment was Topotecan and it didn't work either. I have "worrisome" progression of the disease. I start a new treatment next week. Taxol in lower doses but weekly. We will see.
I sincerely hope this new trial works better for you. Please keep us posted. Positive thoughts, energy and renewed strength to get you through this new trial! Michele.

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I don't know anything about clinical trials with injections but please know that I am so sorry that your last treatments didn't work but am praying for good outcomes from your new treatments.



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I really hope your next treatment works too. It is hard to stay positive when your scared, but we have to do what we can and stay strong. Please keep me posted also on your treament plan.

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