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Hello from South Carolina

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I just found this web site and read some of your stories, which compeled me to register and say hello.  I am in remission from stage IV folicular B cell non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Mine was in my small intestins and required surgery upon diagnosis in August 2011.  This was followed by six months of Retuxan and Trenda.  I thank the Lord every day for the wonderful Doctors in Charlotte that took and continue to take care of me, for my wife and kids and their continued support and most of all for His loving grace that has blessed me and cared for me every step of the way.

I want to encourage everyone struggling through similar battles that life can return to normal and there is hope and better times coming.  I work every day and feel relativly normal for a 50 year old guezzer.  Of course nothing is ever the same after something like this and I hold my breath every time I go visit my oncologist for a checkup but thankfully it could of been a lot worse and wasn't.



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Hi Forest,

"Welcome" to the group. Glad to hear you came through everything and now doing well. It sure is scary in the beginning, but as you said, better times do eventually come after treatments are completed. I have one last Rituxan infusion on Feb 22nd which will complete my 2 year maint. Feels like I've been doing this forever(every other month), but the end is finally in sight. Once my scan is done in March and I get the greenlight,(knock on wood)it will feel good to have all of this behind me also! Take care and I wish you continued clean check-ups and scans.

Best wishes...Sue, Yakima, Washington

(Follicular NHL-stage3-typeA-grade2-Dx 6/10-age 62)

miss maggie
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Dear Sue, What a beautiful baby. I know this picture of baby Lizzy has been up awhile. I feel like family. From the time she was born, you always shared each milestone. Thank you for that.

Love love from Maggie

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Welcome! It is always good to hear such success stories. Although our journeys are sometimes parallel and sometimes follow the same path, there are undoubtedly a bunch of folliicular patients here who will be uplifted by your encouraging story. Sometimes, life even changes for the better, as we now know the finite nature of this life. It appears that you already know about the next life... 

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Welcome!  I too have a dx of Stage IV Non-Hodgkins, Marginal Zone.  I had Rituxan in 2010 and then 1 1/2 years later had Treanda with Ofatumumab.  Presently in a partial Remission.  So glad to hear of your success with Treanda as well.  It is a great drug and seems to work well on Indolent Lymphoma.

It's always great to hear of others who are doing well.  God Bless.



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I love the model plane !  My father was retired FAA, ending his career at the Charleston, SC, Tower, and I was always into plane Identification and enjoy aviation news.

My wife went to Winthrop University, in your neck of the woods, although she and I both grew up in Charleston County.  We now live in the Upstate region of SC.  Quite a number of the regulars here at the Boards are from NC.

Bless your recovery,


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