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If I request a pet scan

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I am just wondering if I pay for a pet scan would that show if I have peretoneal cancer or should I just have exploratory surgery? My gyn said come back in 3 months since the abdominal/ pelvis MRI, tv ultrasound and tumor markers were negative. She said that pelvic free fluid on an MRI of the pelvis is NOT considered ascites and that the follow up tv ultrasound is superior for fluid and that showed a minimal amount which is normal?

Three months could mean stage 2 to stage 4. I don't know what to think! Her associate said you could have oc or ppc and have normal tests. Seems every dr says something different! How quick does this disease progress?? Will I notice something more in a short time? 

Im so confused!!! :-(


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Any comments? 

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Hi there,  

I can only tell you that I did have a PET Scan prior to my debulking surgery which pin pointed areas of cancer in the peritoneum.   I then had some chemo (carbo/taxol)  which reduced much of the obvious cancer and when the surgeon operated he was impressed that the chemo had done a good job comparing what he saw and what was on the PET Scan.   The PET scan seems to be another good tool available to us.   For me CT scans have not shown anything but the PET scan did.   Probably different stages and different sizes of the cancer show up on different styles of equipment.   Here in Australia a PET scan is not covered and we pay for it privately.  Personally I was glad to have it also because it showed the whole body and not just the belly area.Good luck with getting to the crux of your pain and health worries.

Julie x 

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