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Help Please

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I have a friend with ovarian cancer and it has now spread to her lungs.  She now has a breathing tube but they sent her home, she is suppose to start a new chemo next week.  Is this pallitive care or am I just thinking the worst?  Any info would be helpful.  I am from BC forum.  Don't know much about ovarian cancer and how it spreads.


Thank you in advance.


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Hi, Terry

It is really hard to know what the plan or expected outcome may be.  Clearly the disease has advanced, but there are many women in this forum who have battled thru numerous recurrances.  Be there for your friend; be the friend you have always been; let her tell you about her cancer in her own way.  We all need friends who will stick with us in this journey.  Thanks!

Posts: 601
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Thank you for your kind remarks.  I'm going to see her tomorrow.  Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst.



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I will be praying for a good outcome for your friend from the new chemo!


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