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Life Turns on a Dime

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A Dear Coworker and friend of mine that was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer in 2007 created a Blog about his journey through Esophogeal Cancer and although his battle was short (about 7 months), his recording of this journey was very uplifting and enlightening for me.  I've attached the link to his Blog in case some others may be interested in the journey.  I know every one is different but hopefully others can find something in my friends writings as well.


If for some reason the link doesn't open you can just google RHDensmore Life Turns on a Dime





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... well more a reply than a blog - but having been diagnosed with stage IV inoperable 7 months ago ... hope you'll understand if I give that one a miss for now - maybe I'll  save it for later.  Anyway, through a combination of nutrition, vit-c, herceptin and chemo, I've stalled things enough to fly the family out here to Hanoi and Cat Ba for a few weeks of change of scenery, noodle soup, and optimisim.  Not a McDonald's in sight.  Different from the paradise that was forecast for me about now ... but heavenly nonetheless. Life does turn on a dime.  Good luck with your fight.

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