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Two Phase 1 clinical trials that are recruiting...

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Just wanted to share this information here, in case some of you don't read the posts at the Colon Club forum.  User Dianne052506 is on the first trial and has had some positive results despite having a pretty significnant tumor burden, especially in the lungs (she's been stage 4 since dx in '06).  The 2nd link is to a similar trial.




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seems a similar type of  action as the trifunctional antibody removab.

as  i can develop an immogenic reaction to removab sooner or later, this type of therapy has promise for many.

its also worth noting some patients success even aftet extensive chemo, obviously some immune function left.

so we are still left with boosting our immune systems, now lots we can try there. getting the mercury out is a start, mushrooms and thymus extract.

thanks heaps.



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I have mixed feelings about trials.. and believe it or not.. I work for the largest CRO in the world conducting them..

But anyway.. I was looking at many of the ones that are currently under way.. and what I realized is that  wouldn't qualify for most as I have already been thru chemo's of Oxy and Irenotecan.. I thought that was interesting.. .. Has anyone else noticed that and ever been turned away because of this..


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Thanks for posting this AnneAlexandria!!!

There is also the site www.clinicaltrials.gov where ppl can frequently check to see if there's a trial close to where they live.


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