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Back after surgery...

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Happy new year to all. I finally had a simple radical nephrectomy procedure on my right kidney on Dec 6. Three weeks later, I am generally feeling good except for a sore feeling in the upper right thigh joint area. This soreness is somewhat bothersome since I did not have the pain before surgery, but I want to give it some more time before complaining too much. The tumor was about 5cm in size.

The prelim pathology report categorized my RCC as the rare Chromopobe type. Since the cancer has spread beyond the kidney cap into the surrounding fatty tissue, it is really Stage 3. My surgeon says that all margins are fully clear and the five year survival rate is ~96% based on some Nomogram charts. Still figuring out what al this means, but so far so good! Could not have pulled it this far without all of your terrific support... Thx.

- lotus

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The aches and pains are normal. They should go away. If not that is what the Doctors are for. While I can not speak as to your  rare type of RCC the 96% survival rate sounds good where 3 or 4 % might die anyway unrelated to RCC over a 5 year period. Take it easy on the recovery so that you can help us old guys with the Newbies coming down the road.



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You're fortunate to have Chromophobe histology that was caught early.  It normally presents at an older age, because it's the slowest growing of all the RCC subtypes.  Caught early, it has the best of all the prognoses and you should have no further problems.  It virtually never metastasises at your stage. 

It's different if it quietly develops for twenty or thirty or more years and undergoes sarcomatoid de-differentiation - then it becomes very aggressive, spreads locally with rapidity and is incurable at the present time.

You will be fine but if you choose to stick around here you could look for an apprenticeship with iceman!

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Hi Iceman and Texas_Wedge,

Really appreciate your kind comments and time. I have  pledged to be a lifetime member on this thread -and gladly as Iceman's apprentice :-). My first bloodwork after surgery is scheduled later this month (Jan 25). My surgeon wants CT scans etc every 3 months starting March for a year. Hoping for the best so that I can be a good apprentice... More later.


- lotus

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