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CSN Email :(

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D Lewis
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Took me until yesterday to realize that all of my archived CSN Email messages are gone. :((   Sorry if I missed an earlier post about this, but does anyone know if these messages are gone for good?  There were some wonderful communications from folks that are now gone.  I really wanted to keep some of those for a while.  Guess I should have printed them out, but I never figured someone else would make them go away. 

Ya and I'm having a lot of trouble logging on.  Some evenings, I can't get on at all.  Others, it's a very slow process.  Ya, patience is a virtue.

Sad Deb

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Pam M
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I was clueless til I read your post - and I've been on the e-mail tab.  Sigh.


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Deb, Pam,


John said they are working on restoring the emails.  By the way I’ve never had one from either of you.


Take care,



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Didn't know about the emails, but don't think I had any either. Every since H&N got facebook i've been over there. So i'm sorry if anyone has been emailing me and I haven't replied.

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Hi Deb, like Matt mentioned, from the word that I have, they are working out the many bugs, but PM emails are on their list to recover and restore. From my understanding they aren't lost.

Best ~ John

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