Good News, not so good news

Well i had my first CT scan last week to make sure that all the meds are working for me. the good news is that he could see a good amount of shrinkage in my colon from the main mass!  so that is good news! they also couldnt find the spots in my lungs so they have disappeared as well! The not so good news is that there are masses in my Liver that are growing, so i will have to have another biopsy next week to see what it is.  I was first told that the masses in my liver was benign but the PET scan lit up like a christmas tree.  so know they want to go in and take another sample to see if it gives the same result or something different.  I was told that it could be fatty tissue, or dead cells, so i am not sure if i should be worried or not.  At this point i am kind of starting to worry about it because i am not sure why it is growing if infact they are benign.  I am also wondering if it could be a different cancer.  I ask my Onc about it and he said that was really rare and unlikely.  But hey i like giving the Dr. a challenge :)

Oh Yeah, i just wanted to share that my first year of marriage is coming up on the 7th.  They say the first year is the toughest but we have managed to survive it and we are also surviving this cancer at the same time! so i am hoping that this new year we will have something more to celebrate than the year before:)