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been gone awhile

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hey everone i know i have been gone for a bit i decided to come let you all know what is now going on with my situataion. ok here goes. when last i was here i was on folfiri (i think spelling is wrong) anyway it stopped working and we tried to do the folfox and after a month even it stopped working. i hage one shot  left and it is a new drug just approved the middle of last year. you see the reason that it is my last shot is because i have kras mutated type and it does not like to give way to the drugs and if it doees not work then at the rate it is growing i will not be here past the next  9 months at the latest and please accept what i say and leave only good thoughts and hopes because i have come to terms with my fate and know that from the look on my docs face when he told me that even he is sorry there is nothing else he can do he checked and the only other thing that might have been done can no longer be done because of the advanced stage and size of the tumors. so that said i wish the rest of you the best of luck and the brightest hopes in your lives and doings. my the powers that be hold you in high praises and good health. john

Brenda Bricco
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This is your life and your fight... if you have come to the decision that there is nothing more to do then there is nothing more to do. I pray that you have tons of days ahead of you and I pray for your comfort and peace. Lots of love and thoughts to you.

GOD bless you,


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and best wishes John, take care.


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