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Anyone else Depressed with Femora

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I was on Arimidex and had to be taken off because of extremely bad side effects.  I have been on Femora for about six months and although I don't have the severe join pain anymore .... I am becoming severely depressed from Femora.  I was ALWAYS "happy go lucky" until Femora.  My oncologist said this is one side affect from Femora and mentioned he could write me out a prescription for depression....no thank you.  I don't want to be on a prescription.  I don't want to get my cancer back and must be on Femora for another four years.  

Has anyone else become severely depressed on Femora and is there something I can take in the way of vitamins for the depression?  I read SAM-E supplement helps.   Any and all comments would be very much appreciated.


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I can't really help you because i am just starting this crappy path.

But i wanted to tell you, as a dog lover, i just LOVE your doggies in your avatar :-D

Hope you get some answers and start feeling better

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I've been on Femara/letrozole for 3 yrs next month with no issues of dpressions related to it.  That said I have been deaaling with 'depression' since we moved here in late '94.  It's called S.A.D. - Seasonal Affective Disorder.

SAD is related to the lack of sunshine and lower Vit. D during the shortened days of winter.  For me, tripleing my Vit D dose and using my light box keeps it under control.  Adding exercise helps too.

We used to live even farther north (Whidbey Island, Puget Sound, WA for 12 years) than here (prairie just east of the Black Hills) and I had no problems there but winters were not as long or brutal as they are here and when/if I felt a little doiwn i could always go down and watch the ebb and flow of the tides - in tolerable weather walk the shore or in bad just sit in my truck and still watch it. Here all I can do as far as watching water is to sit on the creek but it only goes one way - so not the same to me.

A couple of weeks ago I saw my psych Dr for my Dec check up  and as my old light box was about 14 years old and i don't remember when the bulbs were last replaced she ordered me a new box and there definately a difference with the new one and the old one - working better.  WE discussed the level of Vit D I take and she's fine with that but she wanted me to increasse some of my exercise.  I  usually go to the Base gym 3 times a week to work out but she wants me to go 5 - 6 times a week and put in 1/2 hr each day walking the indoor track or on the stationary bikes rather or not I do any other work out.   According to her, 1/2 hr., 6 times a week, of walking/biking is the equivalent of a daily lowest dose Zolof daily but without the drug.  

So my suggestion is to ask about your D level and possibly taking some suppliments (with DR approval) and ask about a light box.    Look into info on S.A.D. 

Winyan - The Power Within


Added: Certainly anti-depressants/anti-anxiety drugs are fantastic for some/many but not all!  Each of us has a different body chemistry and for some of us (me amomg others) they work in reverse of how they are supposed to.

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I used both Arimidex and Femara.  Each had different side effects but depression was not one of them for me.  Everyone is different and how our system reacts to them is equally so.  

Aromatase Inhibitors are great drugs and it might not be a bad idea to reconsider your oncologist suggestion with a prescription.  I am not familiar with the supplement called SAM-E.  

Wishing you the best to resolve your problem as it won't be helpful to spend the next four years under a cloud.








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I am taking large dosages of Vitamin D since a year ago my vitamin levels were low.  Now they are excellent!  I am going to start exercising 5 days a week for 20-30 mins each day.  I'm hoping this will help.  I do have some of the special lighting in my house (not in every room) and am thinking I will install more throughout my house.  I really don't want to take a prescription drug and hope by exercising, special lighting and SAM-E vitamin helps.  My depression and moodiness is getting worse each day. I want to get my happy-go-lucky self back.  

Thank you for all your comments and suggestions.  I'm glad you enjoyed my avatar photo of my three girls.  They have been a life saver for me throughout this whole ordeal.  My dogs are are always by my side as is my wonderful and thoughtful husband.

God Bless you all.  


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