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Cream recommendations to prevent Nexavar blisters?

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My husband has just started Nexavar and we are trying to prevent the blisters that occur on the hands and feet.  I have received samples of Udderly Smooth Extra Care with 20% urea and Dermal therapy creams from the drug company and they also recommended Gold Bond, Curel, Aveno and Eucerin.  All seem to be fairly expensive.  Has anyone found one cream to be better than another?  Has anyone found a place to get the cream at a good price?  Thanks for any help. 

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My mom will start on the Nexavar in a week, we also received the samples o cream.  I have been having my mm use t ream now, ten apply socks to hands and feet.  we are usung the cream they sent.  Its really good cream.  Im a nurse and work in a family pracetice office and we recommend it all the time. So hoping this works.  Please let me know how he does.  Im really concerned about the other side effects.  

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Hi, My mom has been on Nexavar for a year now. She is only taking a quater of the dose. It has been hard for her. She has gotten alot of sores and blasters on her feet which makes it hard to walk. Last week I just got her horse cream to put on the blasters. The cream is starting to work. It is called Hoof Alive. They have a website and they will ship it to you. It does help alot. I wish my mom had it from the beginning. She is finally starting to be able to walk. It has been a tough year for my mom. She is only 58 years old and has primary liver cancer that is also in the portal vein. She had a recession last November and has been on the Nexavar ever since. She will be going for a Y-90 Treatment in the beginning of next year. I have seen so post about Nexavar that people are taking the full dose and are doing ok. The biggest thing I hear is upset stomach, sores and blasters. The cream Hoof Alive has worked great so far. There are a few other horse products that we are going to try. Mouth sores and blasters miracle mouth wash and Sore no-more Liniment. This is for anybody ache. Can't apply to any open sores but it will sooth any body aches that you feel. This can be ordered at Doversaddlery.com or kf vet supply on line. Hope this is helpful.

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