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David in the New Year

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It sounds like we will start the new year with a blood transfusion.  David was very washed out yesterday and didn't even get out of bed until 5 pm.  When they drew his blood (while asleep) his hemoglobin was 7.4.  They give blood at UK whenever it goes below 8.0 so we are waiting for a call to come in for a transfustion (well I am he is asleep  LOL).  A little more on David's plasma cell leukemia.  I had the opportunity to read some of the discharge report from UK.  David's bone marrow biopsy revealed 98% plasma cells in the bone marrow.  The typical amount for an adult is less than 5%.  That is why the doctor's told us that his condition was worse than what they were expecting.  To be diagnosed with plasma cell leukemia you have to have 20% circulating plasma cells in your peripheral blood.  David started at 31% and was over 40% before they could start the chemo.  We have our first doctor's appointment since leaving the hospital on Thursday.  I am not exactly sure what they are going to do or say that day.  I am a little hesitant to say the least.  I know the chemo really should have started Thursday after Christmas, but they delayed it for the holidays.  David's platelet count has rebounded to 105 and WBC was 1.9.  So at this point we are at risk that the leukemia is gaining ground again.  It really is such a scary thing.  Last night David actually wanted to kiss me at midnight, but we opted not to because of fear of me giving him something.  This really really sucks.  It has been 159 days since the last time I was kissed.  I miss that more than I can say.  I try to act like it is a little thing, but I married him so that I could have a more physical connection.  Since he was a youth minister, we opted not to be intimate before the wedding.  It was very hard, but a sacrific worth making to be an example for our urban youth.  So many of them get pregnant or get someone pregnant before they graduate high school.  We wanted them to see that you could truly love someone, be commited to them and still save yourself for the day you would become one.  OK so I have digressed.  I just remember my sexy man and the wonderful dream of our future together.  I pray that we get back to that, but it is so hard with doctor's telling us his days are numbered.  Then add the hip injury, PEG tube and PICC line and it kind of ruins the romantic mood LOL.  Again happy new years.  My goal is to be back here at the beginning of 2014 touting the miracle of another year with David.  Also I expect each and every one of you will be here to share it with me.

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on posting with David next year 2014 wow we made thru 2013 sounds good to me.  Then you can reaveal the big Smooch he gave you but im sure you will get one before then. 

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Just wanted you to know that I've been thinking of you. I hope David's Thursday appt. will bring some brighter news.

I understand how doubly horrible this is for both of you in your "new" marriage. My daughter had been married for only two years when she was diagnosed. The results of rads and chemo have a wonderful way of putting a "dent" in many relationships along with all the stress and other things that cancer brings.

As you mention UK, is he being treated in Louisville? My daughter is treated there.

My New Year's wish for both of you is that somehow a miracle will be given to you and you will get that kiss each year for many more.



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Anytime I read your posts or emails I always see your strength shining through. You are an amazing person. You are stronger than you think or give yourself credit for. David is so lucky to have you in his life. I believe God picks out that special person for us because he knows our strengths. Life is not always what we plan for, but we have to know there is a purpose for everything that happens, whether we understand it or like it. We just have to believe that there is Faith, Hope, and His Love that can supercede anything. You are doing everything you possibly can to make sure that David is getting the best care he can. And that also includes the care, love, and compassion you have shown for David. I'm sure your not missing a beat!

I continue to pray that those doctors gain more wisdom to help David fight this battle. I pray for peace to come over you both through this journey and that you are able to enjoy each others love for as long as possible.

God Bless and Hope For A Better New Year,


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Looks like 2013 will be quite a year for a lot of us. I will be looking forward to your post on Jan 1 2014. We will have a lot of miricles to celebrate then. Rick.

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Vivian, every day David is here with us is one more good day to stack on the good day pile. each day of success adds yet another layer of overall success. I expect to ring in 2014 with you and David.


Hang in there, sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better.



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January 1, 2014 at high noon (MST) we all have to be here for a group hug....ur, okay,  a cyber helloSealed

Vivian...say hello to David ....keeping you all in those prayers!




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