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Tim6003 Lung Scan Results are in

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Here is what the report reads


Auxillary regions are clear

Mediastinum is normal

Lung field assessment shows decreasing nodularity in the superior segment left lower lobe as compared to prior exam, (Nov 7th) now with only one dominant nodular measuring 4mm and other stranding in the area. Findings favor benign etiology / inflammatory etiology.  Follow up to complete baseline is recommended

Additionally, there is stable micronodularity along the right major fissure since last exam.

No new abnormality detected.

Limited upper abdomen is unremarkable.


1. Decreasing fibronodularity of the superior segment left lower lobe with recommendations and disussion above.

2. Stable micronodularity along the right major fissure.

3. Followup scan is recommended to establish baseline and/or document stability.


The doctor told me today that basically the scan is "a better scan than the previous scan and that this favors NOT being cancer but rather infectious related" 

My last scan showed 3 nodules in the left lobe with the largets node being 7mm, a granulated/crushed glass appearance in the left lung (funny the radioloist did not mention any granulated or crushed glass appearance in this scan, so I assume it is not there or not worthy of notation ?)...


So again, I am thankful for the prayers (and well wishes) you all have been saying.  I am now just less than a month shy of the 1 year mark from my last radiation / treatment.



I personally have know idea what "stranding" means or "right major fissure" ...but if the doc says it's better than the last scan and shows shrinkage not growth...I'm happy with that.  :)

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You are happy I am happy, let’s go snowmobiling tomorrow.


Without some research I do not know what it all means, but I think you are all or virtually all clear.  Congratulations, way to end the year on a high note.


It doesn’t hurt to be persistent on getting these scans.  Now, maybe you will relax a little (you deserve it).


Best always,



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What a great start to a new year! I'm so happy for you and your family.
Hopefully now you can rest a little easier knowing you are healthy and focus only on staying that way.
I will continue to keep you in my prayers as I do for all of our CSN family.
Happy Healthy New Year!!!

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Tim, I'm sooooooo happy for you! I have to admit I was a bit worried and thinking a lot about this outcome.. about you and your family! I knew that all those prayers will help but I did not know how much. I can't express how happy I am! You can now enjoy this wonderful start of a new year!

Let me use this opportunity to wish you and your family a healthy, happy and prosperous year!! My mom and dad say hello! I told them about this great news and they were so happy! I think my dad will now heal faster Wink.


Soooo great to hear this!!!

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Great news! Great way to start 2013. Prayers that you continue to heal and remain cancer free.



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Glad to hear your good news and now you can truly enjoy your New Year. As far as the terminology, not sure about the stranding but the fissure is an anatomical feature referring to the division of the lobes of the lungs. 


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Happy New Year Tim & family, may the Lord bless you all

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Ingrid K
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SO SO happy for you Tim.  I know how worried you were about this latest scan based on the prior info.  Always a good idea to check it all out, but maybe now you can relax a bit and enjoy a happy healthy 2013.



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So glad to hear you too had a good report from the doctor.  I am so happy we are getting some positive news on this website.  We have seen way too many of our group have lung mets.  I am praising the Lord you are not one.

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D Lewis
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Have a wonderfull 2013!


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Im not sure we will ever understand all these reports, but as long as they sound like they are going North and not South thats all we need to be aware of.  Now keep chopping wood, fixing tolits, and loving that beautiful family you have.

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Glad to hear this news. Somehow I knew it wouldn't be anything to worry about. I think it is important to be on top of things as much as possible, but now I hope you can get some much needed peace. Now it's time to keep moving forward.....the perfect time of year...a new YEAR! Here's to another healthy year...Happy New Year!



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We all need good news. The best of news to start off this new year. Rick.

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Just what I was hoping to read today. Happy new year! :-)

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Sounds like you are on your way to NED my friend. I am happy for you and your family.



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Great way to start the year!!!



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You need to quit hanging out with those wolves if you going to keep getting infections...

Congrats bro...

I think the stranding refers to fibrous tissue, more than likely a result of the infection or lung irritation..., not positive, but Pat should know I'm sure.

Fissures are separations for reference, or divisions of the anatomy of the lung...separating the main areas of the lung..., if memory seves me...something like that, LOL..., again, Pat can explain it better I'm sure.

Best ~ John




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No one more deserving of the good results! Happy New Year, Tim!

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Pam M
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Here's to more blessings for you this year.

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