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ShowDown in Orlando....Skiffin16 & Longtermsurvivor

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My wife and I had the opportunity to meet Pat (Longtermsurvivor) and his lovely wife today in my neck of the woods...

The meeting place couldn't have been more up my alley also... Bass Pro Shop - Orlando.

We had lunch, talked for awhile and had a great time, my wife and I were very happy to meet you both Pat.

It's always great meeting the person that I have known online for quite some time now. Seems as if we've known each other for years...

Anyways, if any of you have the opportunity to meet another of the family here, I would highly suggest it.

We all share a bond that unless you are part of, it's really hard to understand.

Again Pat, it was truly a pleasure meeting you and your wife, and just spending a little time together.


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Sounds like a fun time....

Hey, you guys....Montana is a beautiful tourist trap if you like mountains, big lakes, skiiing, boating, fishing, or hunting (think I about covered it Laughing)....if anybody wants to visit up here, I'd love to meet ya!


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Very nice to hear about your meeting with Pat.   I was just looking at “Where in the world are you” last night and Pat was a long way from home to be in Orlando.  I could not help but think what a wonderful map you pieced together for us.  It was fun clicking on symbols and realizing I communicate with so many of the names which pop up.


Like you and P51 I would entertain meeting other H&N members.  We don’t have a Bass shop, but I’ll figure out something. 





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Ingrid K
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Glad you could get together with each other and your lovely wives.   I have had the pleasure of meeting several survivors from the Oral Cancer Foundation  and it is amazing what an immediate connection you feel when you meet each other for the first time after many months/years of on-line communication.

John, you and Pat are both among the first to respond to all new questions and concerns from any of us.  I appreciate you both very much.

Anyone coming to the Northern Illinois area in 2013, please look me up.

We even have our own BPS...



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I have often hoped David and I would get to meet some of you wonderful people in person.  I can feel your personality in posts and I would love the opportunity to see in real time.

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D Lewis
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Hal61 met up with me and my family at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite, and had a delightful luncheon a year or so ago.   Time for another one, Hal!  Felt like we'd known each other for ages... oh, wait... we have.


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Deb, I think Hal is on Pat's route for a meet soon...


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Hal is in New Orleans at the moment.  He sold his place, bought an RV and is seeing America right now.  He was through at our place in Arkansas last summer, then down in Florida for quite awhile.  Recently moved to New Orleans.  We are now on our way over there, stopped for the night west of Mobile.  I will see Hal tomorrow.  I am pretty sure he hasn't been on the board for awhile. 



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Glad you both were able to meet. I'm sure it was a nice visit.


Happy New Year to you! 




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I have met a few from here so far;

Hondo - Tim
GreenD - Denny
J3Rey - Mark
Illuzions -
SoccerFreaks - Joe
PhilleG - Phil
VickiSam - Vicki
LongTermSurvivor - Pat

And of course Greta of CSN

It is always a pleasure and something very special each and every time I meet a survivor from here.


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Maybe next time we can do some fishing.  I'm all over that.  Forgot to tell you, my boat is a 17 ft Boston Whaler.  Did you now they made a bass fishing hull for a few years, long ago?  I bought mine in the 8o's from a partner, long since dead of colon cancer, and i liked the boat so well I've never traded.  Kind of  a different hull for inland bass fishing, lol.

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Joined: Sep 2009

Awesome boat, one that will more than likely out last us both...

Definitely a can do on some fishing.

Be safe on the journey my friend...


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