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Intense burning and pain prior to hospitalization

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Has anyone else experience severe burning pain following the 25 and in my case final radiation treatment?  The following is the description of the pain:  If you were a man, place your balls in a mcrowave oven on high for 3 minutes, then take a cattle prod that has been heated in a fire and insert it nto your anal cannel and electrocute your self several tmes as you move it around, then take the branding iron out of the fire and insert it up your urinay tract, as these 3 heats collect in your pelvic foor and pelvic bowl and abdomen they generate the heat of 100 suns burning you from the insde out.  I have spoke to several anal cancer patients that received more radiation treatments than me and they did not have anywhere near the internal pain.  One had the skin brn and peel on her abdomen and thights and pelvic floor - but not any intense internal burnng.  After suffering this level of pain for 3 days with inspite of increased pain meds, I called 911 and was transported to the hospital.  I'm running out of battery.  Will come back to add to story.

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I am so sorry to hear you are in this pain. Hang in there. You did the right thing by calling 911! You are in my prayers. I hope they can provide some relief for you very soon! I experienced severe pain, but not to this degree!

Big Hug!

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Ouch!!!!! I will pray that next time we hear from you someone has found a way to relieve some of your pain. We all react differently to treatment, and I was in horrific pain from the start and on an increasing dose of pain meds throughout treatment and for several months after. I was hospitalized and then later spent 2months in a nursing home. I do have to admit, I don't believe I had the level of pain you describe though, yet I was started on a pain management program right away so never got to that point. I will have you in my thoughts for better days ahead.

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I am so sorry you are experiencing such horrible pain.  It sounds awful and I hope you can get some help at the hospital.  I had pretty intense pain too, partly because I did not take enough pain medication.  I described mine as "pooping barbed wire and peeing hot molten lava."  Please let us know when you can how things are going.  I hope you will feel better real soon.

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I was burned but not that severe, although I did end up in the hospital. Hope you get relief soon!


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so far the worse part of this TX has been a 1 week stretch 4 days after last round of chemo was unhooked.  I completed my 2nd round of Chemo on Dec 21st. and at that time had undergone 23 Rad TX.  By Christmas Night, I was DOWN.  the pain completely took over and I could not do anything but lay with cold compresses between my legs.  I literally forced myself to dress on Dec 26, took double pain meds and was off to Rad appt #24 (or so I thought)  I called before I got there and told them I thought a Dr should look at me before they zapped me.  WELL---Dr said that TX is on hold.  The pain you decribed for a guy is the same that this gal experienced in a womanly way.  The worse part was trying to urinate.  I did take Gigi's advice and going into a cup helped keep the urine off of my "area"  BUT it still put me through the roof when it came through the urethra.  Dr prescribed all kinds of stuff and NOTHING worked.  By Sat Dec 29th I was going nuts!  I could not get comfortable and i could not sleep.  I  called Dr and got script for a stronger pain med.  I finally slept more than 2 hours and started to feel a lil bit better.  Yesterday Dec 31st was the 1st day in a week that I actually felt somewhat normal and was able to get out of the house for a few hours.  I have to go back for 7 more RadTX.  3 this week and 4 next week.  I thought about calling 911 or having husband take me to ER but I didnt want to leave my house.  I hope you are on the curve as I think I am and we can beat this.

Best Wishes for a speedy recovery


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My heart breaks to hear these stories of such pain. I did begin that way but my doc freely increased my pain medication. This is not the time to be a hero and say no. I was watched closely and had help weaning off when done. The body needs both rest and exercise and sometimes neither of those are possible when in pain that is not manageable. (I will admit, bad as a colostomy may sound to those who don't have, I didn't have to deal with painful bm's)....my silver lining I guess!

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I've only had 14 of 29 radiation treatments and I already have the kind of pain that you describe.   I'm almost out of my mind with pain, I'm exhausted and weak but the PAIN is unbearable.  There are no words for this kind of pain.    

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