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Happy New Year to All...and a Resolution Revolution.

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Well, once again a new year rolls around, and once again I start thinking about the resolutions I would like to achieve in the coming months. In the past, I’ve been in the habit of making resolutions that are impossible to achieve, so this year, with the hope of reducing the degree of soul-crushing disappointment I experience ever year around April, I have decided to come up with some goals that I can actually handle.

These include:

1. More exercise, especially walking: To help me attain this goal, I’ve moved my TV to the SE corner of the living room (closer to the kitchen) from the NW corner of the living room (farther away from the kitchen). By my calculations, based on a rough estimate of an extra 246 steps per day, I will have completed the equivalent of a marathon by year’s end.

2. Eating more fruits and vegetables: This one is a little harder for me, as these may not be my favorite part of the food pyramid. So first I need to apply a little basic logic (See, kids? College is totally worth it!).
Tomatoes and apples are red.
Hot Tamales are also red.
Therefore Hot Tamales are the same as tomatoes and apples.

Bonus conclusion! There are a lot of those little buggers in the box, so eating a box of Hot Tamales is like eating about 26 tomatoes. Resolution #2 done in less than 10 minutes per day.

3. Losing ten pounds: Actually, already took care of this one. Those old-fashioned adjustable scales are awesome.

4.Keeping my house tidy and clean: Only way to achieve this goal is through the removal of husband, kids, dog and multiple cats. Would first require the acquisition of a blunt instrument or possibly arsenic. The neighbors might notice digging in the back yard. Fine tuning of this resolution still needed.

5. Being a kinder, more patient person to those around me: probably the hardest one of all, but I’m working on it!


So what about you guys? Made any resolutions for 2013?

Lotsa love from AA

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It's scary, but all these make sense to me!

Actually, I've never been very good at planning ahead(paying for it as I get older). So will most likely just resolve to put one foot in front of the other each day, until that darn stumble comes again.



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Keep riding my bike as I can
Try to envision light removing cancer while meditating
Taking walks
Just try to keep my emotional level even keeled
Eat healthy
Live in every moment and accept what I have
Help another person with cancer presented
Grateful I am here 2013

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Joined: Oct 2011

Keep riding my bike as I can
Try to envision light removing cancer while meditating
Taking walks
Just try to keep my emotional level even keeled
Eat healthy
Live in every moment and accept what I have
Help another person with cancer presented
Grateful I am here 2013

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Loved it!!!!  LMAO!

Winter Marie

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A fact I have always known....we men never ever stood a chance...sigh..Ron.

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LaughingGlad I am here to celebrate.  2012 really sucked!

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regarding your goals.

I love your goal about marathons, but just read this below.



regarding my goals.

I want to be the healthier and smarter and understand this article in detail.





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Dear Ann,

I like your goals and could adopt some as my own...lol.  It isn't the making of resolutions that is so difficult, it is their execution...so in keeping with your theme:

I resolve that everything has its place and should be put there after use...the only problem I have at my age is remembering where that place is!

I resolve to be less critical of those who don't have a clue how to do things correctly (which translates to my way!).

I resolve to not give the finger to, curse at or blow the horn at those drivers who cut me off or zoom past me just because I happen to beleive in not exceeding the posted speed limit.

I resolve to be more tolerant of my kitties who rule my life...I won't get upset that they choose to nap in my favorite place to sit; I won't get upset when they wake me after a few good hours of sleep just because it is past time to fill the food bowls; I won't get upset when I am working on a project and they feel the need to walk all over it and examine every inch of it.

I am sure there are more that others who know me well would have me add to the list, but I think this will be enough "work" for a retired person like myself!

Happy New Year to all and good luck on those resolution!

Marie who loves kitties



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I may adopt yours, they make total sense to me!  As a diabetic going to try to do much better with that aspect of my life..  Going to try to worry less between my scans and perhaps the hardest, try not to strangle people who just plain irritate the poo out of me at the mere mention of their name! :)  not my nicest side!

Happy 2013 everyone, hoping this year brings better health and peace to our souls and hearts!


Love to all!

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Some great ideas here that i can steal and not have to put any effort into thinking up any myself...except i have decided to read more this year...in hope that it can make me almost as smart as my teens!

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I am with you sister.    Thanks for the great  resolutions.Cool

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Happy New Year Ann

I really appreciate the humor you bring to this site and to cancer in general. Although, your mention of hot tomales triggered Steve and my first 2013 fight. LOL. Can you believe he's never heard of Hot Tomales? Such a sheltered life he's led.

All the best in 2013


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1. Tomake my oncologist happy, I resolve to gain some weight.  I figure a half gallon of water inside the deep pockets of my coat ought to do the trick.

2. Drink more juice.  It tastes really good when mixed with rum.

3. Use my exercise bike more.  The seat can hold a huge stack of bills etc and I'm sure I can hang stuff from the handle bars.

Happy New Year to you all!

Ray/Doc  (and Lulu as well)

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