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Wishes for the New Year

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Dear Friends,

As we count down the hours of the old year and celebrate the stroke of the new, I have a few wishes for us all:

May the trials and tribulations that we experienced fade from our minds and be replaced by memories of the best that we experienced.

May those we have lost be fondly remembered for their love of life and all they gave to each of us.

May our fears of what the future may hold be replaced by the joy of waking each new day with the ability to see the beauty of it.

May the new year bring us strength and resolve to face what we must and give us hope in each new day.

May our friends, families and loved ones add their strenght and support as we need it.

May those who provide our medical and spiritual support have the skill and insight to give us the best there is to be had.

May the new year bring giant advancements in the treatment of all cancers.

Wishing each of you better health, happiness and love,

Marie who loves kitties

Happy New Year!



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Dear Marie,


What more could any of us ask for?  Nicely written.  Wishing you and all CSN members all the very best in 2013.



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And thank you for the kind wishes for all of us! Ann Alexandria

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Very well said. Thank you Marie.

Happy new year.

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Happy New Year to you, Marie and your kitties too!


Robert and Angela

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We have a new kitty - Simon.
He is adding so much to our lives.....
Happy New Year to all with renewed faith and hope!

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thanks and i pray these wishes come true.



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Well said and beautiful.  Happy New Year to you, you dear angel on earth.

Winter Marie

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Thank you Marie, well said and happy and healthy new year to you.

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Hi Marie,

Lovely sentiments, thank you.  Happy New Year


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Thankyou for such a beautiful post.
Have a great new year , big hugs fro BCN.

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