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To everyone on this board - patients, survivors, caregivers, family, friends - may 2013 bring you health, joy and renewed strength.  And may we continue to be able to meet here to share, uplift eachother, and discover hope and friendship.




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happy new year to all, may you all feel better this year and may we all stay in remission

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 To all my friends on this board I wish everyone a healthy and happy new year. I would have had a very hard time getting thru my diagnosis and treatment without you.


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to my dear friends on this board.  I wish everyone the best for the upcoming year.  Thank you for the support and love you have shown me in the last year.  I look forward to a lot of good news from everybody.


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I was just about to write something deep and eloquent, when I spilled a glass of red onto the keyboard. Oops...My laptop is dead. Using ipod instead.
Let it be the last bad thing that happened in 2012.
I hope that next year brings only good health, peace and love, happy surprises, and wonderful adventures. I want all the amazing girls on this board to only log in to report continuing NED. I declare 2013 a "Cancer free year".
Now back to drinking...Alexandra out

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Glad to be done
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Happy New Year to all and to all good healthWink.   2012 was such a whirlwind year.  Surgery, diagnosis, surgery for port, chemo, power port surgery after first infusion, more chemo and walking out of the end of that chemo tunnel at the end of June.  In the blink of an eye 1/2 the year was gone. 

My wish to all of you for 2013 is happiness and health.  I pray to keep my NED status.  I have a 3 month check up on Friday.  I wish that all of you on your first go-round of chemo achieve NED status at the end.  I wish that those facin a re-currence can get that NED stats again.  And to all that fight on a day to day basis - You are our role models...  You show us that although the fight is constant it can still be done. 

To the Caregivers on our site - you Rock...  That is all I can say on that.

I am so glad I found this site.  My only wish is that I found it in January instead of June when I was done...

Happy  New Years Everyone



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My hope for all of us is a year of joyful peace, growing health, and happy moments to sustain us in our journey!

Alexandra, you crack me up!  Good luck with your keyboard! 


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Had trouble getting on this site all weekend. I too want to wish everyone better health in the New Year and may this be the year they find a reliable targeted drug that will seek and destroy this ugly disease without compromising our good cells or quality of life.
Wishing all of you a New Year filled with love, new hope, joy and happiness, and new beginnings...... Peace, Love and positive energy to all.

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Same to you Monika and everyone here. My New Years wish is for good health for you all and a cure for all cancers in 2013.


Dave & Tina VG

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May we all experience health and peace this New Year and may new meds, earlier diagnosises and cures be on our horizon!

                                                                           ((((HUGS))))   Maria

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Love, hugs and good health to us all!



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