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Just got my papillary carcinoma diagnosis

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I am 51 years old and I just got my diagnosis results Fridayday. I go see the surgeon on Wednesday for a consult and to set up my thyroidectomy. I'm pretty sure that we caught it in the very early stage. My hormone levels are all in the normal range. I had some unexplained weight gain over the past 6 months and have been very exhausted so I asked my doctor to check my thyroid when I went in for my yearly physical. He noticed a lump in my throat and ordered an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed punctate calcifications which in turn resulted in a biopsy. I searched the internet about what it could mean, so I was pretty much prepared for the diagnosis of papillary carcinoma. I am however concerned about the after treatment. What is involved in the radiation treatment, is it painful? Will I get sick? Do I need to take off work? I just like to know what to expect so that I can mentally prepare myself. Are there any specific questions that I should ask the surgeon about the TT procedure?

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Hi, very similar to my story, but I was 10 years older!


The Radioactive iodine Ablation (RIA), is a painless treatment, needing only for you to swallow a capsule of radioactive iodine. Depending on your location, this may be in hospital or at home. In the UK, you would be kept in a lead lined room, specifically intended for this use, with en suite facilities. Nothing you take into the room will be allowed to leave, so don't tae your computer/phone or anything you treasure in. The main bugbear is the pre-treatment diet, where you need to go about a month without eating or drinking any iodine containing foods, so no dairy, sea fish, seaweed, etc. I existed mainly on rice cakes and peanut butter, but there are many recipes available on line.


You will get all this information from the hospital, so don't worry, but worth checking out a few on the other postings on here by using the search facility.


Good luck and remember, you are not alone!

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