Concerns After Cyber Knife Procedure

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I had the CK procedure approximately one month ago; I have been able to have an erection with ED medications but had problems with having a climax during intercourse. Is this to be expected for a period of time and part of the recovery expectations? It may be too soon to expect to have a climax and ejaculation.


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    Climax after CK

    I had my CK treatmet approx. 21 months ago and do not recall having any issues with climax or ejaculation during intercourse.  Although I did achieve climax it felt different and at first a bit of discomfort with the ejaculation.  All of the issues cleared up after a few weeks and no longer present any issues.  Give it sometime and be sure to discuss with you Uroligist if it continues to be an issue for you.  Best of luck and Happy New Year to you!

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    I had CK in Sept 2010.  I did

    I had CK in Sept 2010.  I did not have ED but I did have "some" problems "coming" vaginally.  Didn't seem to be enough friction to get the job done.  Had to resort to masturbation to ejaculate after intercourse sometimes.  The "problem" eventually resolved itself (forget how long it took) but I don't have that problem any longer. 

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    No problems


    I had the CK procedure in June of 2010 and have had not problems achieving orgasm although the amount of ejaculate will decrease significantly following the procedure.  The prostate becomes inflammed as a normal part of the radiation and since the prostate plays a key role in successful orgasm that might be playing a role.  As others have suggested, CK symptoms tend to clear up with a month or so after the procedure.

    Another thing to consider is your potency and erectile function prior to the procedure.  IF there were issues before, there will be likely issues afterward.